The founders of this program built it on a philosophy that includes words like character, responsibility, sportsmanship and teamwork.

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We will use USSSA rules except for these tournament specific rules.

  • Time limit
    • Games are 1 hour 30 minutes (finish the inning) or 6 innings. No new inning will start if less than 5 minutes remain in the game.
    • Championship game is extended to 2 hour time limit or 6 innings.
  • Switching sides and warm-ups
    • Our time frame is tight for the games so please have urgency when switching from offense to defense
    • 1 minute between innings (have p and c ready to warm up as soon as inning ends)
    • If C is not ready when inning ends, a coach should fill in to warm up P
    • Warm-up pitches: (New Pitcher - 8 pitches, Returning Pitcher - 5 pitches)
    • A courtesy runner is allowed for pitcher & catcher of record. Last batted out.
  • Scoring
    • Maximum 7 runs per inning
    • Ties are allowed in pool games
    • Tie in bracket play (International tie breaker):  Both teams start the next inning with last out (from previous inning) on 2nd base
    • Mercy rule - 15/3, 10/4, 8/5
  • Home/Visitor
    • Home/Visitor is preset for pool play
    • Higher seed is Home Team in bracket play
  • Equipment
    • Each team will provide 2 new baseballs for each game. If additional balls are required due to balls going out of play, the team at bat must supply the additional balls.
    • All bats must have USSSA certified stamp, big barrel is allowed
  • Pitching
    • No specific pitching rules (coaches use best judgement to keep everyone safe)
  • Free defensive substitutions
  • Dropped thiird strike in effect
  • Infield fly in effect
  • Head first slide: Legal if No Face Mask, C-Flap, or Chin Strap
  • Mound is 46 feet, Base distance is 65 feet
  • Tie breaker (Pool Play)
    • Record, Head to Head, Run Differential  (max = -7/+7), Runs Allowed, Runs Scored, Coin Flip
    • Head to head tie-breaker is to be used for TWO TEAM ties only. If 3 or more teams are tied, and if one team has defeated all other tied teams, that team advances. If not, then the first tie-breaking criteria will be the run differential max by all tied teams, then runs allowed by all teams, then runs scored by all teams, then coin flip. With 3 or more tied teams, the criteria never reverts back to the 2 team tie criteria.
  • Forfeits are scored as 7-0.