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Folkstyle Wrestling - The Style Used by NVWF and High School Wrestlers

Basic Rules for Folkstyle (applies to NVWF, Mason Dixon, CAWL, and High School)

- Wrestling 101 with John Smith, Head Coach for Oklahoma State University ~ online video

- Wrestling 101:  Takedowns, Referee's Position, Escape, Reversal, Scoring, Locked Hands, by John Smith, ~ online video

- Wrestling 101:  Pin/Fall, Out of Bounds, Illegal Moves, Injury Timeouts, Match & Dual Meet Scoring, by John Smith ~ online video

- Wrestling 101:  Control, Stalling, Potentially Dangerous, Stalemate, Narrated by John Smith ~ online video

College matches

- Yianni Diakomihalis vs. Joey McKenna for the 2019 NCAA 141-pound Championship ~ online

- 2017 NCAA Wrestling Highlights National Championships -St.louis ~ online

- More 2017 NCAA Highlights ~ online

- 2016 NCAA Wrestling Highlights ~ online

- 2015 NCAA Wrestling Highlights National Championships -St.Louis ~ online

- Logan Steiber (Ohio State) vs Zane Retherford (Penn State) popular ~ online

- Gene Mills (Syracuse) vs Joe Gonzalez (Cal State) 1979 historically infamous ~ online


Freestyle Wrestling - The Style Used by Olympics and International Community

Basic Rules for Freestyle (typically April - September)

- Jordan Burroughs explains ~ online

2017 USA Seniors World Championships Highlights (Freestyle)

- Highlights Wrestling World cup 2017 ~ online

- August 2017 world championships summary overview ~ online video

- August 2017 Kyle Snyder wins Gold to get USA Team Gold - online

- August 2017 Jordan Burroughs wins Gold early in USA fight to win Team Gold ~ online

- August 2017 Helen Maroulis wins Gold at World Championships to help USA get Team Silver ~ online

2017 USA Juniors World Championships Highlights (Freestyle)

- August 2017 Mark Hall wins Gold to help US win Team Gold ~ online

- August 2017 Men's US Junior team wins Gold ~ online

2017 USA Cadet Team at World Championships (Freestyle)

- Kurt McHenry, from the Ranger Wrestling Club in Leesburg VA, Wins Gold at 2017 Cadet Freestyle World Championships

- Gold medal match ~ video online TBD

- Semifinals match with great shots and reshots examples ~ match video online

- McHenry, Wins Gold at 2016 Cadet Freestyle World Championships

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