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Kraken VC is a cost competitive Club for the Greater Seattle market. We have strived to keep Kraken VC Tuition as low as possible, without sacrificing the offer of a full service Club. Our teams will train twice weekly and compete in at least 2 tournaments a month January thru April. All Kraken VC teams will participate in the Puget Sound Region Power League and Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane the last 2 weekends of March. 

Club Team Tuition Info - will be Available at tryouts

Details regarding our 2018-19 season tuition costs will be available at tryouts. Signing and uniform payments are due upon commitment. The balance of tuition will be split up into 4 equal payments due on the 25th of Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb for the 12s, 13s & 14s. The 15s, 16s, 17s & 18s monthyly installments are due on Dec 10, Dec 25, Jan 25 & Feb 25. We offer a $100 discount for season tuition paid in full upon commitment. Uniform costs are due upon commitment and are $250 for the 12s teams and $350 for all other age groups.

Tuition Includes

  • Twice weekly practices / training average of 1.5 to 2.5 hours per night
  • 2-3 tournaments per month Jan thru April. 
  • 2-3 Adidas Jerseys & 1-2 Adidas Spandex, 1 L/S & 2 S/S Training Shirts
  • Adidas Jacket & Pants, Adidas Backback & Adidas Shoes, 2 Pairs Kraken custom Strideline Socks
  • Head & Assistant Coach & Staff Stipends & USAV Memberships
  • Coaching Education
  • Training Technology
  • Coach Travel Costs for PNQ
  • Facility Rental Fees, Equipment Costs & Insurance
  • Tournament Entry Fees (Regular Season)
  • SportsRecruits Account - 16s & Older Reef Teams
  • Kraken Recruiting Seminar & SportsRecruits site training

Tuition Does Not Include

  • Playing Time in Competitions
  • Athlete's USA Volleyball Membership
  • Athlete's Travel Costs
  • Additional tournaments costs elected by team including:  post season entry fees & coach travel costs
  • Training & Competition Costs for Post Season
  • Player's Equipment: mandatory equip purchases like knee pads and extra spandex, ankle braces
  • Extra Kraken Gear: Kraken socks, Kraken Spandex, hoodies, sweatpants, Kraken leggings, etc.
  • Player Recruiting Video Services

Team Elected Tournaments & Travel

Teams may elect to attend additional destination competitions outside of the Pacific Northwest. Quoted costs are for those tournaments and cover team entry fees, coaches and chaperone airfare, coaches food stipends, coaches and athlete's accommodations and team van rentals based on 12 athletes and a sliding scale. Athlete's airfare and meal expenses are not included. Travel Payment payment plans will be setup for each tournament. Please see our Travel Page for complete details on travel policies.

Financial Aid

It is our goal to help families find financial solutions that will allow their athletes to play club volleyball. We have a limited # of partial financial aid awards available each season. Financial aid awards are funded through club fundraising, due to the extraordinary efforts of our awesome & dedicated coaching staff. We will make every effort to assist in finding the means for participation. The Financial Aid Application must be completed for consideration the Friday before tryouts.

If a financial aid award is accepted, the athlete is expected to participate in all club and individual fundraising programs at 110%. If Kraken VC hosts a fundraising event, tournament, whether for adults or juniors, the athlete and their parent(s) may be asked to help administer the event / tournament. 

We are excited for the 2018-19 Club Season, and look forward to working with your athlete. Financial Aid Applications will be reviewed by our Board, and awards will be communicated prior or at time offers are made.

2018-19 Financial Aid Application - Click Here!


Kraken VC makes every effort to keep the costs of our programs low through various fundraising efforts. Kraken VC hosts adult skill clinics and tournaments, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting our youth programs. Club Fundraisers like Brown Bear car wash tickets, help offset our operating costs, and any tickets sold over the player minimum go directly to the player's Kraken Account, which they can use towards monthly dues, travel expenses and Krakan Gear.

Some examples of Club and Individual Fundraisers are:

  • Kraken serve-a-thon  & pass-a-thon
  • Brown Bear Car Wash Ticket Sales
  • Krispy Kreme Donut Sales
  • Kraken VC Apparel Fundraiser
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • Hosted adult & junior volleyball tournaments