The vision of the Mavericks Lacrosse Club is to be recognized by local high school and national college lacrosse coaches as a premier program for the development of proper lacrosse skills, sportsmanship, and character in our young men.

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Fall Tryout Information 


UC Mavericks are proud to announce tryouts for the upcoming 2019 Fall and 2021 Summer Season.  Mavericks lacrosse is a graduation year program.  We will field teams in the 2023, 2022 & 2021 graduation years talent permitting. Our goal is to continue to build on the success of the past 11 seasons by identifying talented athletes that are passionate about lacrosse and have the drive and dedication to invest themselves fully in becoming a better lacrosse player, teammate and young man. We place high expectations on our players, coaches and families that they respect our coaching philosophy and high standards for personal conduct. 

We are seeking local talented athletes that are committed to the game of lacrosse.  Our expectations and evaluations put a high level of importance on stick work, lacrosse IQ, athleticism, attitude and effort. Mavericks Lacrosse competes with the best clubs in the nation in local recruiting tournaments. We are looking for players committed to personal & athletic excellence. Everyone is welcome but expect a competitive and challenging atmosphere. 

Mavericks Club Focus

1. College exposure by graduation year

2. Fundamental improvement

3. Extra lacrosse

Why only focus on above?

Unsuccessful lacrosse teams lack athletes, stick skills, lacrosse IQ, and strength. The Mavericks program gives you 8 hours in the fall, 24 hours in the winter, and 9 hours in the summer which totals 41 hours of extra lacrosse. An average high school lacrosse season has about 132 hours of practice. Your high school coach and your own work ethic is truly responsible for your lacrosse development. The Mavericks program is extra lacrosse and exposure. Simply put we don't have them players long enough to focus on anything else but fundamentals, which is the most important part of any sport.

Please read our mission statement click here and watch this video on what college coaches are looking for in a recruit.  Click here

What college coaches look for in a recruit.

Athletic/Speed: Club can expose but not help. Genes

Stick Skills: Club can help. Practice & winter work

Lacrosse IQ: Club can helpPractice & winter. But the best way to learn                                lacrosse IQ is for your son the watch the game on film

Toughness: Club can expose but not help. Up bringing, maturity, strength                         & passion

Willingness to Compete: Club can expose but not help. Playing with the                                               best & a tough tournament schedule will expose                                               how a player and parent deals with adversity

Hard Worker: Club can expose but not help. Up bringing, maturity, &                                    passion

Grades: Club can expose but not help. 

Winning Program: Club cannot help. We are not a high school program


Note: As a club program we can help with passion by making it fun, introducing players to new friends, and exposing them to the college atmosphere.


High School Tryout Dates Sunday evening August 25

5:00pm 2023 & 2022

6:30pm 2021

Coaching Staff click here 

Registration Click Here

HARFORD COMMUNITY COLLEGE: 401 Thomas Run Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015

Age Requirements: UC Mavericks are a graduation year specific club.  We select local recruiting tournaments based on graduation year.  We do not play down in tournaments and make every effort to compete with clubs that respect and honor this model.
Tryout Fee: $35.00 

Registration: An online registration is required for all players. 

UC Mavericks Membership:  UC Mavericks believes in the club experience and strives to provide a program that is economically feasible to all members of the community.  Our fees are dictated by our costs of operation.  These cost include uniforms, summer/winter/fall practice fields, winter session cost, insurance, administrative cost, and coaches.  Membership fees will be made available prior to the start of tryouts.  We are currently evaluating tournament options, practice field agreements and finalizing our budget for 2018-19 Season. The UC Mavericks club dues are generally $950 plus about $605 for tournament dues.

Tryout Format:  The players will be evaluated via drills and scrimmage situations.  We are focused on finding players with stick skills, effort, attitude and athleticism.  Evaluations will be conducted by our coaching staff and independent experienced coaches. 

Tryout Participation:  Players can come to any date for which their grade is scheduled. We encourage all players to attend as many tryouts as possible.  We do understand and appreciate the fact that other team commitments, school and family obligations exist and we will make every effort to accommodate each players situation.

Invites & Cuts:  We will conduct cuts and extend invites during the tryout process.    

Teams: Tryouts will conclude on August 19, 2018.  All players that have been invited will be assigned to a team.  Teams will be grade specific.  Club invites must be accepted or declined by in 24 hours.  Please contact Buck Sharretts with any questions regarding our 2019-20 tryouts.




Buck Sharretts
Tel: 410-459-3900
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