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An Injury Reporting Form must be filled out and submitted if an injury occured that kept (or would have kept) any player out of practice or competition for 24 hours. This form is only used for players, coaches, referees or volunteers and if the injury occurs on the bench or on the playing surface.  Injuries that required medical attention from a trainer, nurse or doctor must also be reported even if the player is cleared to play again within the 24 hour period.

An Incident Report Form must be filled out and submitted if an injury occured to anyone at the rink facility during the conduct of a USA Hockey sanctioned event (practice, game, tournament, etc.).  This form covers injuries to coaches, managers, officials (on and off-ice), spectators or volunteers.  Injuries requiring medical attention must be reported.  If the injury occurs to a player, while off the playing surface then an Incident Report Form is filled out as opposed to an Injury Reporting Form.  Damage to personal property and rink facilities should also be reported using the Incident Report Form.

Reporting Injuries or Incidents must happen within 48 hours of the injury or incident.  Forms must be filled out completely and submitted to the Association Head Coach, ACE Director or Risk Manager.  Simply fill out the form and leave a copy in the coaches shed - call or email the Head Coach, ACE Director or Risk Manager for pickup.

Injury Reporting Form

Incident Report Form