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Babe Ruth League, Inc.

Latest Rule Changes for 2016
Updated 10/7/2015

The International Board of Directors has approved the following rule changes beginning with the 2016 season. These changes will be reflected in the 2016 Babe Ruth League, Inc. Rules and Regulations.

  • Cal Ripken Division – Fake Bunt – Slash Bunt – A batter is out for illegal action when the player fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing, thus eliminating a player from fake bunting the ball.  Penalty:  Batter is out, the ball is dead, no runners may advance.
  • Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth 13-15 Baseball, and Babe Ruth 16-18 Baseball – Rule 11.06 Paragraph 7 (NOTE) – A Cal Ripken Baseball (all divisions) host league, a Babe Ruth 13-15 Baseball (all divisions) host league, and a Babe Ruth Baseball 16-18 host league is given the option of having one or two tournament teams – one team as the host team and one team to compete through the regular tournament competition bracket. At no time is it permissible for a player, manger or coach to appear on more than one tournament team roster in the same season.