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A listing of all BJFL Board of Directors may also be found on the Contacts page.


President Chris Farnsworth
Vice President Eric Lewis
Secretary Colby Woodruff
Treasurer Andy Leininger

League Coordinators

IEFA/Jr. Bulldogs Lloyd Brown
Majors Jeff Jackowski
4th Grade Chris Farnsworth
3rd Grade Josh Walters
2nd Grade Josh Reynolds
Instructional Rookie Eric Lewis 
Flag Brad Grant


Committee Name Lead Members
Building/Grounds Jeff McQuillan

Colby Woodruff


By-Laws/Rules Brian Polston Rodney Smith
Coach Selection/League Coordinators Ryan Hoover Jason Cole
Concessions Jason Cole

Andy Arnold

Desmond Jones

Equipment (Gear) Kevin Thomas

Jeff McQuillan

Equipment (Apparel/Jerseys) Jeff Jackowski

Josh Walters

IT / Registration Colby Woodruff

DA Harvey

Social Media Representative Yolanda Patterson

Chris Farnsworth

Jared Kritenbrink

Player/Coach Development Lloyd Brown

Austin Crapo

Jared Kritenbrink

Judd Moloy

Taylor Mosley

Jason Redmon

Referees Andy Leininger Brad Frame
Safety Committee/Trainers Brad Frame  
Scheduling Josh Reynolds  
Sponsorship Troy Gipson

DA Harvey

Yolanda Patterson

Josh Barnett

Judd Moloy

Desmond Jones

Alexis Jones


Trophies/Pictures Jason Redmon