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All playoff seeding is done by hand at the conclusion of the regular season.  Because tie-breakers cannot be fully accounted for in the web statistics, all standings will be pulled down and will be replaced with the seeds as they will be once this has been completed.  

Seeding is a rather tedious business and as such we ask that you be patient while we get this done.  Brackets will be posted as soon as we know.


1.12nd – 8th grade All Divisions

1.1.1Playoff Bracketing: The top 8 teams from the Division will advance to the playoffs and will be seeded based on their overall record. Playoff schedules for all Divisions will be as follows: 1 vs 8; 2 vs 7; 3 vs 6; and 4 vs 5.


2.1Head-to-head match up

2.2Conference Record

2.2.1If there are an uneven number of conference games played by each team the tem with the most losses will be removed from consideration. 

2.3Points allowed v. common opponents

2.4Total points allowed

2.5California Play-off

2.5.1The highest-level tiebreaker that applies to all/remaining teams should be applied.

2.5.2 If all teams have not played Head-to-head, then conference record should be used to exclude teams from the tie.

2.5.3The remaining teams will then be seeded using Head-to-head.

2.5.4 If remaining teams have not played Head-to-head and Conference Record does not produce a clear winner or loser, then points allowed versus common opponent should be used to exclude teams from the tie and elevate one team to the first available seed. 

2.5.5The remaining teams will then be seeded using Head-to-head if possible or the cycle will repeat.

2.5.6If, and only if, no other higher-level tie breaker can be applied to remaining teams, a California Play-off will be played.

2.5.7Forfeits will not be factored into points allowed v. common opponents or total points allowed. If a forfeit offers any team an advantage or disadvantage in points tie the Forfeit should be neutralized to calculate 17.3 and 17.4 by calculating the teams average points per game and adding that number to the total points allowed. If a tie remains move to tiebreaker 17.5. California Play-Off will not be used to determine seeding positions. The team with the most completed games will receive the higher seed.