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Q: When does the season start?
A:The spring season runs from mid-January to mid-May. 


Q: Where will Rocklin Lacrosse Teams play?

A: We use both park and school fields within Rocklin.

Our younger teams (8u & 10U) will participate in the local City League. These games are played on Friday evenings starting in mid-March in locations like El Dorado Hills and Granite Bay. Typically, teams will play about 8 games (four at home and four away).

The Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association (NCJLA)​ schedules games for the 12U and older teams with other teams in the Northern California region. The teams may travel between Redding and the Bay Area; however, with the growth of lacrosse clubs in the immediate area, clubs are requiring less travel every season.The NCJLA dictates the schedules and where we play. Each team will play a minimum of 10 games but more likely around 12-15 games during the Spring season. We will attempt to schedule about half of them as homes games; however, some teams will play fewer and some more games at home.


Q: Which ages groups are available?

A: For boys and girls, we plan to have the following teams (pending player and coach availability).

Age Group Date of Birth
14U 7th and 8th grade students
12U 5th and 6th grade students
10U 3rd and 4th grade students
8U 1st and 2nd grade students







Q: What kind of equipment do I need?
A: Each player provides his own equipment including both protective gear and a stick or "crosse". The protective gear required by the league consists of:


  • A lacrosse helmet
  • Mouth-guard – cannot be white or clear
  • Athletic supporter with cup
  • Shoulder pads
  • Arm/elbow pads
  • Lacrosse gloves
  • Rib pads (optional)
  • A lacrosse stick with a pocket
  • Cleats (football or soccer will do)
  • Goalies need additional chest and throat-guard protection (provided by Rocklin Lacrosse)


  • Women’s Lacrosse Stick (NCAA approved), not boys'/men's
  • Protective Goggles (get cage style, not the see-through plastic type)
  • Mouth-guard – cannot be white or clear
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Cleats
  • Goalie gear is provided by Rocklin Lacrosse

Q: What kind of lacrosse stick should I buy?

A: ​In the Boy's division there are three kinds of sticks including: short stick, used by attack and midfield players; long stick, used by defense and midfield players, and a goalie stick. The basic lacrosse skills can be best learned with the short stick, and the club requires all players to start with a short stick. The club has a few goalie sticks that will be loaned to players wishing to try the goalie position. The stick consists of a head (basket and webbing) and handle. Both the heads and the handles come in a variety of styles and are made from a wide assortment of materials…which means that they come in a wide variety of prices as well.

In the girl's division there are a variety of sticks to choose from. Girls use a stick that is the appropriate length for them (there is no short stick/long stick). 

Q: Is Lacrosse a contact sport?
A: Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. Girl’s lacrosse is not a contact sport. Boys in 10U and below play with minimal physical contact. The focus is on developing their lacrosse skills. From 12U and older physical contact is allowed and is taught by coaches appropriately.