Hello and thank you for your interest in our recreational soccer program.   


Recreational soccer is for all children who are age 4 thru 6th grade, born in 2016 or later. 

If you are volunteering to Head Coach your child's team, you can skip paying your child's fees, as your child will not be charged.  We also have 3 new positions that parents can volunteer for, that will also get the benefit of waived fees.  These positions are referee coordinator, field set up and tear down, and sponsorships/shirts.  Please indicate your interest in the volunteer space of the registration form. 

Travel and recreational soccer now have separate registration pages. If you are interested in travel soccer, sign up on that page and if your child is not assigned to a team, we will put them on a recreational team and refund the difference.

Sign ups will be from February 1st through February 21st.  Registration will remain open through February 28th for late registrations but a $20 late fee will be assessed. 

Following the Illinois Youth Soccer Assn. guidelines, we will be sorting teams by birth year.  If you would like your child to play with the next birth year older, please notate that in the practice preference space on the registration. 

Games will begin April 10th for 6 weeks on Saturdays. 



Germantown Hills Athletic Association

Youth Soccer Program


The Germantown Hills Athletic Association is dedicated to the development of our youth thru athletic programs designed to “teach” sportsmanship, team play, discipline, and responsibility.  The Coaches and the Association members are volunteers donating their time and effort for the betterment of our youth.

The Golden Coaching Rule

Avoid the 3 L’s- Lines, Laps, Lectures

Train sport specific.

The kids came to play soccer.  Not to hear lectures.



All coaches, volunteers, and parents of players must adhere to the rules and regulations as stated herein:

  1. Coaches must use positive coaching techniques at all times and emphasize having fun and player development.  This includes practices, team meetings, and games.

  2. Under no circumstances should a coach, player, or parent or any one in attendance be allowed to question a referee in a disrespectful manner.  It is the responsibility of the coach to enforce this rule.  Failure to adhere to this rule could result in expulsion from the current game and upon review from the league.  Should a coach have an issue with a referee or call, the issue should be brought to the attention of the ref coordinator or director.

  3. All players who regularly attend practice and conduct themselves in an acceptable manner should receive equal game playing time.

  4. Players must wear the approved uniform shirt as supplied by the league.  It may be necessary for a player to wear other outer gear but only at the referee’s discretion.  Goalkeepers must wear a shirt identifying himself or herself as goalkeeper.

  5. Players must wear approved footgear – this includes soccer cleats or tennis shoes.  Note: soccer cleats do not have a front toe cleat.

  6. All players must wear shin guards that are covered.

  7. Players cannot wear jewelry – this includes rings, earrings, necklaces, or any pierced jewelry.  If a player has newly pierced ears, band-aids or other protective coverings must be worn.  This is for the safety of the player.

  8. Players who wear eyeglasses must be protected by approved sport goggles.

  9. Coaches and players are strictly forbidden from using foul language.  Parents and spectators are discouraged from the use of abusive or foul language which could create a poor sports atmosphere.

  10. Use of tobacco products of any kind is strictly forbidden during practices and games.

    Coaches must arrive at games and practices at least 5 minutes early and be ready to go when kids arrive, so no valuable learning time is lost during set-up.

Game Play

(we have renamed the teams to align with the US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix)


U5- 2016s

  1. Teams will play 4 players – no goalkeeper.

  2. Coaches will be allowed on the field to coordinate play and will also function as referees.

  3. Timekeeper will move the far goal in to the midline to make the field shorter.

  4. No offside rule.

  5. No direct or penalty kicks for infractions in the goal area.

  6. Game will consist of four 8-minute quarters.

  7. All games will started by a central timekeeper.

  8. A number 3 ball will be used.

  9. Headers are not allowed.

U7- 2014/2015s

1.  Teams will play 6 players – no goalkeeper.

2.  Coaches will be allowed on the field to coordinate play and will also function as referees.

3.  No offside rule.

4.  No direct or penalty kicks for infractions in the goal area.

5.  Game will consist of four 8-minute quarters.

6.  All games will started by a central timekeeper.

7.  A number 3 ball will be used.

8.  Headers are not allowed.



U9- 2012/2013s

  1. Team will play 7 players – including the goalkeeper.  (Depending on # of players present, coaches can change # of players on the field.)

  2. Two referees will be designated for each game.

  3. All fouls result in INDIRECT kicks; there are no penalty kicks or direct kicks.  This means the ball must be touched by 2 players before it can go in goal on indirect kicks.  Fouls in the box will be placed on the penalty kick line, but kick will be considered indirect.

  4. No offside rule.

  5. Bad throw-ins will be replayed for the first 2 games of the season.  At the 3rd game a bad throw will result in a loss of possession.

  6. Player substitutions at ball stoppage at the discretion of the referee.

  7. Game will consist of four 12-minute quarters.

  8. A number 4 ball will be used.

  9. Teams switch sides at halftime.


U12- 2009-2011s

1.  Team will play 9 players – including the goalkeeper.  (Depending on # of players present, coaches can change # of players on the field.)

2.  Two referees will be designated for each game.

3.  Game will consist of four 12-minute quarters.

4.  A number 4 ball will be used.

5.  Direct kicks and penalty kicks will be enforced.

6.  Teams switch sides at halftime.

7.  Offside rule will be enforced.



General Rules

  1. 4 Goal Rule – To keep scores from getting out-of-hand, whenever a team takes a four-goal lead in a match, that team must take one player off of the field.  It can be any player from any position.  The person removed from the game is eligible to return to the game as long as another player leaves the field leaving the team minus one player.  The leading team can put player back in to the game as soon as the other team scores a goal.

  2. Slide tackling is prohibited.

  3. Coaches must remain behind the sideline during game play for U9 and U12 teams.

  4. Only one coach is allowed on the field at any time for U5 and U7.  The assistant coach can assist with the substitutes, but must stay away from the goalkeeper area.

  5. It is strongly encouraged that all teams line-up and shake hands to demonstrate good sportsmanship after each game.

  6. The intent of the program is to provide each child the opportunity to experience the various positions; therefore goalie time should be limited to one quarter per game if there is enough interested players.

  7. Disciplinary problems need to be addressed first by the coach with the player, then if no change in behavior, with the parent(s).Then, if no change is seen, bring the behavior issue to the attention of the league director for additional review.

  8. Referees will perform a pre-game inspection of the players for shin guards and removal of jewelry.  Any problems with a referee should be handled in a professional manner and away from the kids.  Thank them.

    Coaches/Referees should count # of kids on each team prior to game start and determine the # of players per side.

    Be Positive – HAVE FUN!!!