Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF) is the Treasure Valley's premier ski and snowboard program. Located in Boise and operating at Bogus Basin, we offer winter programs for children and adults. Whether you are a recreational skier or snowboarder l

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Parent-Athlete Handbook


Welcome to Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF). This handbook is written to provide you with a basic understanding of our programs, philosophy, equipment needs and team rules along with a broad overview of alpine and freeski competition. Additional information is available our website Feel free to visit us at the BBSEF office. 

BBSEF (formerly Bogus Basin Ski Racing Alliance) was founded in 1967, to provide training and competition programs for aspiring young ski racers.  Today BBSEF has grown to include freeskiing and snowboard programs. BBSEF has programs for ages 6 -19 who want to compete in alpine ski racing, freeskiing & snowboarding.

Our focus is the development of the athlete as a whole. We believe the overall impact of sports goes well beyond the athletic results, instilling: sportsmanship, accountability, building character and confidence. Sports bring opportunities to make new friends, dream, and work toward the future. It’s no surprise that the Athletes of BBSEF have gone on to become collegiate scholars, Olympians, and leaders in their own right.

Our Mission
To provide competitive Alpine, Freeski and Snowboard programs for the youth of the Styles

Treasure Valley.  Encouraging our athletes to achieve their academic and athletic goals while: Learning sportsmanship, building self-esteem, developing a strong work ethic and creating a life love of the sport and active outdoor lifestyle.

Core Values
Citizenship * Sportsmanship * Fitness * Community * Teamwork * Ethics

Building healthy communities through competition

To be the Treasure Valley’s premier winter sports program


Parent-Athlete Handbook
Welcome to Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation (BBSEF). This handbook is written to provide you with a basic understanding of our programs, philosophy, equipment needs and team rules along with a broad overview of alpine and freeski competition. Additional information is available our website

Equipment needs:

Please see the equipment guide under the resources tab

BBSEF Rules and Policies

Skier's Responsibility Code

There are elements of risk in skiing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.

  • Ski under control and in such a manner you can stop or avoid other skiers or objects.
  • When skiing downhill or overtaking another skier, you must avoid the skier below you.
  • You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • When entering a trail or starting downhill, yield to other skiers.
  • All skiers shall use devices to help prevent runaway skis.
  • You shall keep off closed trails and posted areas and observe all posted signs.
  • This is a partial list.  Be safety conscious!


Officially endorsed by National Ski Area Association Ski Area Rules

Without the generous support of the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, we would not have a place to ski or train.  Please become familiar with and abide by these guidelines.  Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation fully supports these policies and is committed upholding them.

  • Carry your season pass with you at all times when skiing and training. 
  • Have your pass ready to show to the lift attendant.
  • Say, "Thank you" when you get on the lift.
  • Be cordial and respectful of all area employees and other skiers.  The general skiing public always comes first.         
  • Cutting lift lines is not allowed. 
  • Observe all ski area signs.
  • No tucking on any slopes, unless designated by the coach
  • Use a "spotter" when jumping.  Do not jump blindly.
  • No foul language.
  • In case of an emergency or accident, contact a ski patrol, or go to the lift attendant at the bottom or top of any lift.
  • BBSEF members are highly visible.  You represent BBSEF and through your positive actions, the ski area, and all skiers will be proud to support ski racing.
  • Do as much positive promotion of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area as you can.

Competitor Responsibilities

Every participating member of BBSEF agrees to:

  • Represent themselves, the sport of Alpine, Freeski, Snowboard, and BBSEF with the highest level of integrity.  This reflects the professional attitude that our program and all enrolled athletes will work to achieve.
  • Represent him or herself in a respectful manner at all times.  This includes but is not limited to all team activities, training on and off the hill, at home and away races, camps, and any other related activities.
  • Maintain a high level of personal responsibility.
  • Be courteous to and respect the decisions of the coaching staff, race officials, and all ski area employees and personnel.
  • Follow and uphold the rules and code of conduct set forth by BBSEF, the ski area, and USSA and the USSA Intermountain Division.
  • Understand that participation with BBSEF is a privilege and can be revoked.  Each athlete will know and respect all rules and will understand that violations of rules and policies will result in disciplinary action imposed by the BBSEF Program Director and the coach.
  • Treat all BBSEF athletes as teammates.
  • Understand that unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Mandatory drug testing for all U16 & older travel team athletes.  Refer to Drug Testing Policy.


Code of Conduct

Athletes will:

  • Not use alcohol or illegal drugs while participating with the team.
  • Abstain from the use of any tobacco products.
  • Not use profane or abusive language
  • Conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.  No stealing or misrepresentation whatsoever.
  • Show self-control and have consideration for others. 
  • Respect other people's belongings.  Tampering with other athletes' equipment and personal belongings will not be tolerated.
  • Have the inherent right to learn

    Daily Training Rules: Every participating athlete of the BBSEF Ski Team will:
  • Be on time for designated training sessions and team activities.
  • Notify your coach if unable to attend practice or any scheduled team activity.
  • Dress in a responsible manner for the day's weather.
  • Always carry their season pass.
  • Maintain personal ski equipment on a regular basis to ensure personal safety and optimum performance.
  • Observe Training Center rules.
  • Observe ski area rules.
  • Inspect all training and racing courses unless otherwise instructed.
  • Wear goggles while training.  Sunglasses are not allowed.
  • Assist with set-up and tear down of training and racing courses unless otherwise instructed.
  • Return equipment where it was found.  If something is broken please notify your coach, so that it may be fixed.
  • Do your part to keep the pole bin in an orderly fashion.
  • Never yell at a public skier who might cut in front of you or happen to ski a team training course.
  • Be prepared for contingencies and changes of schedule.
  • Bring your best attitude and behavior.

Jason Harper Training Center Rules

The Jason Harper Training Center is located at Bogus Basin and is for designated BBSEF travel team athletes and staff. Athletes will be removed from the training center if they do not abide by these rules.

Every BBSEF athlete agrees that:

  • Coaches' offices and rooms are off-limits unless invited by a coach.
  • All personal equipment must be kept in individual lockers and/or designated areas  No exceptions.
  • They will stay out of other's belongings.
  • No writing, stickers, or defacing the Jason Harper Training Center.
  • All trash must be placed in the garbage containers.
  • Waxing irons must be turned off after use.
  • Tuning benches and floors must be swept after personal use. 
  • Bathrooms are ”liquid only”.  If you need more please use the bathrooms in the Pioneer Lodge
  • The Jason Harper Training Center is not a playground.  There will be no fighting, swearing, or throwing.
  • Only the coaching staff may operate video equipment, radios, and drills.

Remember, use of the Jason Harper Training Center is a privilege.  Please conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times.  Infractions of these rules could result in a loss of your Team Room privileges for one week.  More than one offense may result in indefinite loss of use of the Team Room.

Academic Policy 
BBSEF has a policy to monitor and support the academic progress of  travel team athletes by offering the services of a team tutor and requiring a minimum 2.5 GPA (no F's allowed for participation in either team training or racing).  Grades will be requested throughout the season.  Athletes will be expected to rectify the situation as quickly as possible and demonstrate through school review that grade requirements are being met.  Athletes who need time to make up work missed due to travel will be allowed ten days to complete unfinished schoolwork.  Athletes who are unable to bring their grades up to meet minimum standards will be issued refunds according to the published refund policy.

Drug Testing Policy
BBSEF is a youth oriented athletic organization that believes wholeheartedly in providing a drug-free environment for all of its participants.  BBSEF will strive to be a positive force in each and every athlete’s life and will help athletes reach their goals by providing a positive and healthy learning environment. In order to achieve our goal of creating a drug-free environment, the BBSEF has mandatory drug testing for all Travel Team athletes 13 & older traveling with the team.  These athletes must return proof of a clean drug test with their completed registration forms. If an athlete has a positive test, they may not participate with BBSEF until they provide us with a negative test at their own expense.  BBSEF will also provide the name of a drug counselor in order to help an athlete who has tested positive to become drug-free.  Random tests will be given two additional times during the season and the athletes will be selected by Drug Test West.  Athletes who have previously tested positive will be automatically included in the random tests.  BBSEF will test 10% of the total eligible athletes during the random tests.  The BBSEF will take steps to keep the results of all drug testing confidential.  If an athlete has a second infraction during the season, this will result in a suspension from the team and all team activities for the remainder of the season.

Controlled Substances
The following may be tested through urinary samples for the purpose of compliance with the drug testing regulations as outlined in this policy: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP).  Alcohol will be tested through the blood using the Alco Screen 02 swab, breath testing device or blood draw (which ever is available)  The following is a table regarding the screening levels:

Type of Drug

Screening Level

Confirmation Level

Marijuana (THC)

100 ng/ mL

15 ng/ mL


300 ng/ mL

150 ng/ mL



1000 ng/ mL

500 ng/ mL


2000 ng/ mL

2000 ng/ mL

Phencylidine (PCP)

25 ng/ mL

25 ng/ mL


(Blood alcohol level)



Testing Procedures

The collections of samples shall be performed by trained personnel under reasonable and sanitary conditions.  Samples shall be collected and tested with due regard to the privacy of the individual being tested and in a manner reasonably calculated to prevent substitutions or interference with the collection or testing of reliable samples.  A clear and well-documented procedure for collections, shipment as accessioning or urine specimens to be tested will be maintained.  Sample testing shall conform to scientifically accepted analytical methods and procedures.

An initial screening process will be performed.  Testing shall include verification or confirmation of any positive test results by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/ MS), an independent method based on a different analytical principle that the initial screen, before the result of any test will be used as a basis for any action by Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation.

Diluted Specimen
In an event where there is an abnormal reading indicating a diluted specimen, Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation reserves the right to collect and test a second sample without advance notice

If an individual tests positive, that person will be given an opportunity to discuss all prescription and non-prescription medications to adequately establish a legal basis for the use of any drug or controlled substance.  If no legal basis can be established, the positive test will constitute a violation of this policy.

If an individual is undergoing prescribed medical treatment with any drug or controlled substance that may impair his/ her physical or mental ability, it is that individual's responsibility to report this treatment to his/ her supervisor so that temporary changes in the individual's job assignment can be made if necessary during the period of treatment.

Confidentiality/ Privacy

The fact that a test has been requested or administered, the results of that test, and communications regarding substance use and abuse are considered private and will be kept confidential.  This information will not be disclosed except to the extent necessary to administer and enforce this policy. 

Guidelines for BBSEF Rule Violations

Consider the following a MAJOR OFFENSE:

1.         Breaking the law while participating with BBSEF

2.         Use of illegal drugs

3.         Use of alcohol

4.         Use of tobacco

5.         Persistent lack of respect for fellow team members and competitors, especially younger members of the team.  Backstabbing, critical comments, bullying and abusive language toward others that can interfere with another athlete's right to learn and/or lead to diminished participation in the program.

Punishment for a Major Offense:

1st Offense-  Two-week suspension from all team activities
2nd Offense- Indefinite suspension from the team and team privileges, return of loaner equipment.

Any rule infractions endangering yourself or others may result in a 1-year suspension.

Consider the following a Minor Offense:

1.         Misbehavior

2.         Breaking Curfew at an away race

3.         Lying             

4.         Violation of ski area rules

5.         Violation of Training Center rules or daily training rules

Punishment for a Minor Offense:

1st Offense- One-week suspension from all team activities

2nd Offense- Three-week suspension

3rd Offense-  Indefinite suspension


All punishments imposed by the rules and policies of the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation are subject to appeal by the athlete.  A BBSEF Board of Directors approved Appeals Committee will review, evaluate and recommend action to be taken by the Board based on a case presentation by the athlete through a formal hearing.

Concussion policy

USSA encourages all clubs and competitors to develop a plan for the management of traumatic brain injury.  BBSEF will encourage all licensed competitors with USSA, USASA, IFSA and any other organization who competes in sanctioned events and is at least 12 years of age to take an ImPACT test thru the St Luke’s Medical Center and Dr. Nielsen’s office.  This is a simple test that established your normal brain activity and can be used to determine a traumatic brain injury (Concussion), as well as make a determination as to recovery and release to continue physical activity.  Appointments can be scheduled thru St. Luke’s at 208-381-9000.  This test is good for two years. 

Fast Facts

·         A concussion is a brain injury and all are serious.

·         Most concussions occur without loss of consciousness.

·         Recognition and proper response to concussions when they first occur can help prevent
   further injury or even death.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a blow to the body that causes the head to move rapidly back and forth. Even a “ding,” “getting your bell rung,” or what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious. Concussions can occur in any sport or recreation activity. So, all coaches, parents, and athletes need to learn concussion signs and symptoms and what to do if a concussion occurs. For more information  go to the following website:

Equipment Insurance Policy

BBSEF is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items left in the training center, vans or packed on top of the vans.  We will make every effort to ensure your child's belongings are safe.

Refund Policy

Refunds of coaching fees are given for the following reasons at the following rates. 

Refunds will be granted for:

  • Illness or injury that will prevent a competitor from training for the remainder of the season, or a significant portion thereof.  A doctor's statement is required for a refund to be granted.
  • Moving from the region thus preventing participation in the program. 


1.         Prior to December 15th   Home Teams …………..75% refund

                                                    Travel……………………50% refund

2.         Dec. 16th - Jan.15th         Home Teams… ............50% refund

                                                    Travel……………………25% refund

No Refunds after January 16th


NOTE:   New racers will receive a full refund of coaching fees if their skiing ability limits their participation in the program.  Coaches will decide if a child is not eligible on the first day of practice. Licensing fees are not refundable.

General Membership Meetings

BBSEF is a non-profit (tax-exempt) corporation whose purpose is to provide competitive Alpine, Freeski and Snowboard educational programs for the Treasure Valley.  Membership in BBSEF is made up of the athletes in our programs and their families.  Each year at the Annual Spring Meeting, each member of BBSEF has the right to vote for new board members.  The BBSEF Board consists of nine persons who will be elected and three of who may be appointed for year-long terms by the elected Directors.  Each elected Board member shall serve a three-year term.  The function of the Board is to give program direction, participate in fund-raising events and provide for BBSEF's future through long-range planning. BBSEF has Board meetings on the second Monday of the month throughout the season.  If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact the BBSEF office for time and date.  The BBSEF Board of Directors will hold an annual meeting in April each year.  All BBSEF families are encouraged to attend.


Winter Welcome
This fall fundraiser is a dinner with a silent and live auction.  This event requires help from our membership in soliciting auction items and staffing the event.

Ski Swap
Early November - This is a most important fundraiser and it cannot happen without you.  We need your help so mark the dates, on your calendar. *Note- Swap Shifts are 3-4 hours each

Annual Rose Sale
This terrific spring fundraiser is a unique and fun way to spread joy and help fund BBSEF programs. Each sale brightens someone’s day while supporting all BBSEF teams. We ask each family to sell ten (10) dozen roses. No spring in your step for roses? BBSEF gratefully accepts contributions toward the spring fundraiser.


Volunteer Guideline

Parental Assistance/Volunteer Insurance

You, as parents and volunteers of the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation, are one of our most important resources.  Your participation in fundraising and competitive programs is essential to the overall success of the BBSEF.   A value has been assigned to the Ski Swap, Winter Welcome, Rose Sale and various events.  The subsidy for each program varies and so does the work deposit.

Mitey Mites/D-Team, Freeski and Snowboard Home: 1-Winter Welcome Auction item, 4=Ski Swap Shifts,
2-event/race days, 10 doz. Roses.

North Series Team, Freeski & Snowboard Prep: 1-Winter Welcome Auction item, 8-Ski Swap Shifts,
2-event/race days, 10 doz. Roses.

Alpine Competition Team: 1-Winter Welcome Auction item, 8-Ski Swap Shifts, 2-event/race days, 10 doz. Roses.

Volunteer Deposit: The coaching fees you pay cover only a portion of the actual cost of running our programs, BBSEF subsidizes the remaining costs through fundraising.  We try to keep our volunteer requirements to a minimum, but it is with the participation of every BBSEF family that we are able to keep our fees lower than other ski programs. BBSEF will track volunteer requirements. Thank you for volunteering your valuable time to make our program a successful and affordable youth sports program. 

What are the governing bodies of Alpine Ski Racing, Freeskiing and Snowboarding?

USSA: The United States Ski and Snowboard Association is the governing body for the sport of skiing racing, freesking and Snowboarding in the United States. The USSA alpine and freeski programs and education system is used as a guide to BBSEF training programs. USSA comprises three regions (Western, Eastern and Rocky Central) which are further broken down into smaller divisions.  BBSEF competes within the Western Region and the Intermountain Division.


For USASA events, athletes will need to be registered with USASA and select a “region.”  Historically, our team has elected to be part of the Idaho Mountain Freeski Series as most of our competitions are part of that series. For USSA events, athletes will need to be registered with both USSA and possibly FIS.  Our advanced skiing athletes will also want to consider registration with AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals) for worldwide ranking and the opportunity to participate in more advanced freeski competitions.


Western Region (WR):
Intermountain is one of five divisions that make up the Western
Region. These include Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA), Far West (California), Northern Division (Montana) and Alaska.

Intermountain Division (IMD):
BBSEF is a part of the Intermountain Division which consists of clubs in the
states of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

FISFIS is the International Federation of Skiing. FIS represents the international ranking system versus USSA’s national ranking system. FIS races are open to international competitors. U18 athletes must have a FIS license in order to compete in a FIS Race. Athletes will be advised when they are eligible and when they need to purchase the license.

What are USSA points? 

Once you have a competitive USSA license (U-16 and older plus the 13-year-olds that are planning to race in IMD open races), you will have access to the Points List.  This list is broken down by discipline (Slalom, GS, Super G and DH). Your points will be tabulated by USSA and your standing on the points list will both qualify you for certain competitions, including Western Region U16 Championships and events beyond the U16 level, and determine your starting order in each event.

The points system is based on an ascending scale where the best racer in the world in each discipline is established at 0 points and an athlete racing in a scored event for the first time has 990 points.  Based on the athlete’s race results and the level of the competitors in a particular race points are awarded. 

Refer to the USSA Alpine Comp Guide for details regarding how to calculate race points, penalty, and further information on point profiles.

Competition Series

Coaches Cup Series BBSEF Home Team programs members (Mitey Mite, Devo Team, Freeski, and Snowboard), participate in the Coaches Cup series.  This series include a one day Giant Slalom or Slopestyle, a one day Slalom or Slopestyle and our Coaches Cup Finale.  The Coaches Cup Finale is four events over two days. The four events are Slalom, Giant Slalom, jumping and either a slopestyle or skiercross event.  Awards will be given to 1st-5th, place in the Coaches Cup races with participant ribbons for all competitors.  We also have an end of season Coaches Cup Overall award based on points awarded based on results at each of the Coaches Cup competitions.

North/South Series: The Intermountain Division is divided into two geographical components – North and South. Bogus Basin is part of the North region, which includes Sun Valley, Jackson, WY, McCall, Kelly Canyon, and Pebble Creek.  North Series Team members participate in this series with a goal of qualifying for the Intermountain Championships.  North Series Team members that are not invited to the IMD Champs are eligible the IMD Finals.  North Series Team members may not participate in BBSEF Coaches Cup events.

Intermountain Championships:  The races in these series are non-scored and are seeded using the TRS (totally random sort) method. The North and South races are open to U8-U12 racers and U14, U16/18 racers with greater than 200 USSA points.

Start Order All North and South races use TRS seeding by class for both runs. U8’s will race in the U10 class at North and South Series races. TRS seeding involves a random draw within class for the first run. For the second run, the first run start order is reversed within each class. First run DNFs and DSQs participate in the second run in their normal start position.  One set of trophies is required for the U14 and older class, the U12 class, and the U10 class. A set of 5 awards is required per gender per age class. Northern Division will be invited to send teams to each of the events.

The U14 Qualifying Race Series: The races in this series are non-scored and are seeded using the TRS (totally random sort) method. World Cup points, awarded to the top 50 Intermountain U14 finishers in each race, are used in the selection of the Tri-Divisional U14 Championships Team.

Open Series Races (2nd Year U14’s and older) The races in this series are open to all 2nd year U14’s and older competitors in the North and the South with the exception of the Jackson Open Super-G’s which will have a U16 (scored) and a U14 (non-scored) race. 2nd year U14’s must decide prior to the event whether they will compete in the U16 or U14 race. These races are nationally scored and will be seeded off the USSA points list valid for this race. This race is not used for selections and may have a point cut-off in order to manage the field size. Entries Participants in the "Open" race must have a USSA Alpine Competitor license. The "Open" race is open to all properly licensed 2nd year U14’s and older class competitors (U14’s may compete in the Jackson Open Super-G’s).

U16 Qualifying Race Series The races in this series are nationally scored and are seeded on the basis of the USSA Points List valid for the race. World Cup points, awarded to the top 30 Intermountain U16 finishers in each race, are used in the selection of the IMD U16 Championships Team.

The Intermountain Cup U19/U21 Qualifying Series IMC races will consist of USSA scored races. IMC races in this series are nationally scored and are seeded on the basis of the USSA Points List valid for the race. All competitors competing in the IMC races should have a valid USSA license. World Cup points, awarded to the top 30 finishers in each race are used to determine individual discipline and overall champions for the entire season as well as selection to the Western Region Junior Championship Team. The IMC DH title will be selected from the WR Elite Speed Series and will not count towards the overall IMC standings.

Western Junior Champs: A U-19/U-21 Western Region Championship event in all disciplines. Qualification is based on an Intermountain Division race series.

USSA: The United States Ski and Snowboard Association is the governing body for the sports of alpine ski racing, freeskiing and snowboarding in the U.S. It is the USSA alpine and freeski training system that we use as a guide to our training programs.

USSA comprises three regions (Western, Eastern and Rocky Central).

Western Region (WR): Intermountain is one of five divisions that make up the Western Region. These include Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA), Far West (California), Northern Division (Montana) and Alaska.

Intermountain Division (IMD): We are a part of the Intermountain Division which consists of clubs in the states of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

FISFIS is the International Federation of Skiing. FIS represents the international ranking system versus USSA’s national ranking system. FIS races are open to international competitors. Athletes must be 16 and have a FIS license to race in FIS Races. Athletes will be advised when they are eligible and when they need to purchase the license.

The USSA Alpine Competition Guide and the USSA Freestyle Competition Guide is furnished by USSA to all members of USSA.  It is an invaluable source of information.  Please familiarize yourself with the information provided to you in the "Comp Guide".   If you have any questions please feel free to ask your coach or call BBSEF at 336-5295.

USSA – The United States Ski Association

FIS – The International Ski Federation

BBSEF – Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation

Freeski and Snowboard Travel

Freeski/snowboard travel is the premier Freeski and snowboard team in the Treasure Valley, delivering strong coaching to develop well-rounded skiers and snowboarders.  Participation in Freeski/snowboard travel will help athletes attain their short and long term skiing and snowboarding goals while promoting strong decision-making skills, all-mountain etiquette, a strong work ethic, creativity, confidence and good sportsmanship.  This year, BBSEF will provide the opportunity for experienced skiers and snowboarders to focus on either an all-mountain or terrain park experience. Freeski/snowboard travel may not participate in BBSEF Coaches Cup events

Declaring a focus on Freeski/snowboard travel will allow BBSEF and our coaches to tailor an appropriate training program for your athlete.  Please remember that declaring a focus does not lock the athlete into a specific regiment, or competition schedule.  For the athletes choosing to compete, there are non-exclusive competitive paths they can follow.

Freeski and Freestyle Ski/Snowboard team (emphasis on Terrain Park)

The first path involves USASA  and/or USSA competitions which include terrain park oriented contests such as slopestyle, halfpipe, big air, skier/boarder-cross, banked slalom and rail jams.  In addition to the terrain park, athletes will train on big mountain terrain and backcountry-type jumps in mid-winter conditions.  This is path is for the athlete with dreams of someday going to the Olympics or the X Games, or for the athlete who wants to be the best darn shredder on the hill.

For USASA events, athletes will need to be registered with USASA and select a “region.”  Historically, our team has elected to be part of the Idaho Mountain Freeski Series as most of our competitions are part of that series. For USSA events, athletes will need to be registered with both USSA and possibly FIS.  Our advanced skiing athletes will also want to consider registration with AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals) for worldwide ranking and the opportunity to participate in more advanced freeski competitions.

Freeski/Snowboard travel (emphasis on All Mountain)

The second avenue involves IFSA (International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association which focus on Big Mountain contests within the intermountain division.  These freeski competitions involve negotiating steep natural terrain fluidly in a similar approach to slopestyle competitors in a terrain park.  However, unlike the freestyle discipline of slopestyle, there are no perfect man-made takeoffs or landings – each individual rider’s route varies, and is personally plotted out in pre-run inspections.