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Dear LOLSC Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager,
Thank you for your commitment as a volunteer. Our players and parents look to their coaches, assistant coaches and managers for leadership, guidance and team information. Therefore, as a LOLSC youth coach it is of utmost importance to set forth and promote the highest standards of sportsmanship.    
LOLSC exists to promote two main ideas:

-  Enjoyment of the game of soccer

- Player development; such that each player has the opportunity to reach their own potential. 

Winning is NOT the most important thing. 

Toward that end, please review with your players, and remind the parents to review also, the Parent and Player Expectations (also available under the "Documents" tab on the club web site). It is important that all LOLSC volunteers, as leaders, set the example of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for all players, parents and referees so that all players may enjoy the game and develop. 

Coaching Expectations:

Have Fun: The most important message that we can get across to coaches is that you and your players should have fun. Remember that if your players are still smiling and craving more soccer at the end of the season – you have done your job well!

1. Please review the Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager Guide for imporant information about "behind the scenes" activities. Every Coach must have an Assistant Coach and Team Manager in order to create the best possible experience for all. If you need help recruiting parents for these positions, please let the Registrar or Coordinator know and they will get the word out. 

2. Review the guide 10 Tips for Successful Season. This is a great place to start your coaching for the season.

3. Coaches are to review the Player Development Guidelines tab on website. This provides guidance for developmentally appropriate soccer goals at each level. Included in these suggested guidelines are sample drills, skill priorities and positional specialization for each age level. 

4. Team Coaches, Assistant Coaches or Managers (one for each LOLSC team) must attend the LOLSC pre-season coaches meeting. The meeting is usually on a Wednesday night at the end of April for Spring and August for Fall.

5. All players shall receive equal playing time at games & practices, and players shall not be penalized for missing training sessions.

Team Logistics:  
FALL PRACTICES: Practices (training sessions) generally start the last week of August. The practice time slots are M – F either 4:30–6:00 or 6:00 –7:30. 

Coaches, please submit three choices to the Field Coordinator and he/she will respond with the best available option. We try our best to give each team at least their first choice however, if not available, then their alternative time-slot choice will be assigned. If you are looking to practice at the same time as another team, please indicate that in your selection. Also remember that you may never have a whole field to yourself. There are up to 14 teams that need to practice along with the HS. We all need to be flexible with practice.
Combined multiple team practices are not recommended, each team should have its own practice. Most LOLSC teams practice twice a week during the outdoor season and once a week during indoor if gym space is available. (Note: scrimmages versus other LOLSC team falls outside of practice) 
MATCH SCHEDULING: There are two options for scheduling: 

MATCH TIME SLOTS: Typical field time slots are: Saturdays 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30. Sundays: 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30. These may change slightly, but once Park & Rec decides what they will need, more times may open up.
REFEREES: Once your matches are scheduled, the Referee Assignor will assign the referee for the games. He/she will rely on the Field Assignor spreadsheet, so please be sure to the Field Coordinator and Referee Assignor know if there are changes for any of your games. 
If you have an issue with a referee, it is best addressed quietly and privately, after the game or during halftime, not in a public way.  Please feel free to contact any board member if you feel that we could be helpful with an issue regarding a referee, player or parent. 
EQUIPMENT:  If you need a bag, please contact our Uniform/Equipment Manager. If you already have a bag but need more equipment for practices, please let our Uniform/Equipment Manager know what you need. All equipment bags shall be returned at the end of the season.
MATCH TIME:  During matches, only two adults are to be on sidelines at all times.  Coaches, if you have multiple parents assisting you, only one is to be with you on bench during games. During matches, players not on the field should be seated on the bench, waiting for their turn to be rotated into the game (unless warming up).

MATCH CANCELATIONS: Cancelations due to weather are at the discretion of the home team coach. Old Lyme Parks and Recreation typically leaves it up to us to decide. Please use good judgment and if there is standing water, it is probably best not to play.

** It is the coach’s responsibility to reschedule the match and to notify the referees assigned IMMEDIATELY if the match is canceled.**
PLAYER PASSES/ROSTERS/MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS: During the first week of practices, player passes, rosters and medical release forms will be handed out to coaches. These items should be carried at all time to games. These should be returned at the end of the season.
SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN:  Please be sure that only registered LOLSC players practice with your team. If a player brings a friend and he wants to participate and it is okay with the coach, it is IMPERATIVE that that child is on a team with LOLSC. This is for insurance purposes. Also, at the end of practice, please be sure that each child is handed off to an adult.  If a parent comes to you and lets you know that their child will ride a bike, walk or other, that is fine, but no child should be left at a field or be allowed to leave other than with an adult unless previous instruction has been given. If you have a problem with a particular child being picked up late consistently, please ask a board member for help. 
CONSULTANT SUPPORT: LOLSC may choose to enter into a contract with a soccer-support company. If so, then a contract-coach will be available to the coaches, players and parents. The intention is that the contract-coach will be able attend at least one of your practices each week. PLEASE utilize the contract-coach as much as possible because this is a great resource for the kids and the club.
TOURNAMENTS: We encourage each team to attend at least one tournament for the fall season. There are many options that will be provided to our Coaches.
Any board member is available at any time to help or answer questions, just click on the Contacts tab for board member information.  Again thank you and enjoy the season!

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