Our facility now includes a state of the art 20,000 sq. ft. non-boarded indoor heated and cooled sports turf field. This field is available year round for all types of sports and training.

Change Team: 


Men's 30+ League
8 games Session / 8 Weeks
March 23, 2015 – May 13, 2015
Monday 9-11 p.m. & Wednesday 9-11 p.m.


 8 games Session / 8 Weeks
March 25, 2015 – May 15, 2015
Wednesday 8-9 p.m., Thursday 9-11 p.m., Friday 9-11 p.m
While we do our best to keep the leagues scheduled within what is projected, please be aware that the days and times are subject to change.



No cleats allowed. Turf/Indoor soccer shoes only.  Sneakers are okay.

Number of Players on field:
U8 – U10 rec  play 8v8  (7 field players, and one goalkeeper)
U10 – U12 rec play 7v7  (6 field players, and one goalkeeper)
U12 and up play 6v6 (5 field players, and one goalkeeper)

Note: Adult Coed are required to have 2 female players on the field at all times


House Teams maybe available for those interested in playing that do not have a team

The creation of leagues and the availability of divisions within leagues is dependent on the number of teams registered per session. Groups may be combined to form leagues. It is our goal to put together divisions that provide the best competition for all teams involved. We respectfully request that you register your team appropriately. Summit reserves the right to promote or relegate a team from one division to another, after the completion of each session.
Suggested Youth Division Guidelines:
Recreational Level Teams – Register age appropriate (ex. U14 team registers in the U14 age group)
Travel Level Teams - Register age appropriate (ex. U14 team registers in the U14 age group)
Premier Level Teams - Register up one age group (ex. U14 team registers to play in U15 age group)

Teams may be permitted to play up more than one year with prior approval of Summit Sports and Fitness.
Under no circumstances will any team be permitted to play at a level below their age (decided by the oldest player on your roster).

U8   - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2006)
U9   - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2005)
U10 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2004)
U11 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2003)
U12 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2002)
U13 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2001)
U14 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/2000)
U15 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/1999)
U16 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/1998)
U17 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/1997)
U18 - Boys & Girls  (Born on or after 8/1/1996)

Please make note that we respectfully ask that all of your special scheduling requests are submitted in writing by the registration deadline for the session. We reserve the right to refuse any scheduling request submitted after the start of the season.

Scheduling requests will be taken into consideration based on the following prioritization. These requests are not guaranteed to be granted but we will always do our best to accommodate as many reasonable requests as possible.

1. Back to back games for coaches with multiple teams in the SAME age group
2. Specific days or time frames for games within the projected schedule. Please give as wide a time frame as possible (4 hours is preferred).
3. BYEs requested to allow a team to participate in a tournament will be taken into consideration only if these requests are submitted before the start of the season. Thereafter any team needing a bye for a weekend of out of town play will forfeit the game as well as their game fees. We cannot grant more than 1 BYE for any team through the course of a season.

Requests we CANNOT accommodate:

1. Games at a particular time every week. We are not able to grant any requests as specific as 2pm every Saturday.
2. Having your season shortened by any amount of games and the price prorated. Request such as these skew the schedule of all of the other teams in the league.
3. Requests for a BYE due to Spring Breaks, Winter Breaks, school dances, ACTs, Superbowl, team fundraisers, birthday parties, etc are likely not to be granted.
4. We request that if ONLY the coach of your team is going to be out of town for a game, you make arrangements to have someone fill in for your coach instead of asking to reschedule or for a BYE.

Credit / Debit Card Processing AVAILABLE ON-LINE
Payment by check mailed or delivered to:
Summit Fitness Fitness and Sports Complex 2 Wisconsin Ave. Norwich, CT, 06360
Cash Payment can be made at the field

Full refunds will be given in the event that a program/league/tournament does not have enough participants enrolled to occur which will result in cancelation of that a program/league/tournament. We will attempt to process all refunds within 2 weeks of the cancelation date.

Refunds will not be given on deposits to teams/individuals withdrawing on or after the posted registration deadline for the program/league/tournament of interest.

Complete rules are here: https://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=93597&org=summitsportsfield.com

Owner / Manager – Henry Bowers, Former Soccer Coach, (860) 450 - 6490,
Adviser – Justin Cook, Youth Soccer Coach (860) 625 - 5903,

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