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Baseball & Softball Concussion Certification

Minnesota law requires all coaches, umpires and team specific roles to receive Concussion Awareness Training.  Below is CAA’s 3 step process for completing and validating this requirement.

1)            Complete the concussion awareness training:
Go to the CAA BB/SB website:   http://chanathleticassociationbaseball.assn.la/
Click on the upper right tab named: Concussion Training.  This takes you to the National Federation of High School Associations website.  Here, please click on www.nfhslearn.com, create an account and log-in.  Click on View All Available Courses and under Free Courses; select “Concussions in Sports - What you Need to Know”.  The course takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.  If you have difficulty with the video playing, you may need to update your Internet Explorer version to the current version.

2)            Save Course Certificate to your computer:
At the end of the course, you will be able to view your Certificate.  You will need to save the Certificate as a PDF to your computer for loading to the CAA website.  You can always log back in at www.nfhslearn.com and go to My Home Page and at the bottom, view and save your certificate again.

3)            Load Course Certificate to the CAA website:
Go back to the CAA BB/SB website and go to the Online Registrations page:                 http://chanathleticassociationbaseball.assn.la/Registration/Default.asp?n=38155&org=chanathleticassociationbaseball
Click on Begin Registration for the Up-Load Concussion Training Certification registration.  Log-in using your regular CAA family account log-in and password and click the green checkmark by your name.  Validate the account information, upload the PDF document when requested and hit submit.
This completes the process.  End to end, should be around 30 minutes to complete.
Certification Validation is required to earn Volunteer Hours for team specific roles such as Coaching or Safety Officer, etc.

Thanks for completing.
CAA Diamond Sports