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Please see below for FAQ's.

What is the cost to register a player for tackle football?  The registration fee for 2015 is $235.00. The new charged amount covers each child for the entire season along with the new uniform jersey for the 2015 season, with the exception of 8th grade, who will be using the previous uniforms. The registration also includes our 4-day tackle camp held in August, the week prior to the start of the regular preseason, for players new to football or Green Mtn.  Returning players will be charged the standard rate for the camp if they wish to participate. Please see Summer Camp registration for more details.
You may register online starting May 1st. A late fee of $25 will be assessed for anyone that registers, or pays any outstanding balance amount after July 23, 2015 or later.

When does practice start?  Practice starts August 10th.  Most teams practice 3 evenings per week for approximately 2 hours each evening.  All practice fields are in the Green Mountain area.

How do I get more information about the upcoming football season? 

GMJFA will be holding an Information Night every May after the opening of registration  Members of the GMJFA Board of Directors will be on hand to answer any of your questions about the upcoming season.  Refer to calendar for dates, times and location for several scheduled events throughout the summer.

How do I register my child for the upcoming football season?

From the Home Page, please choose the registration button and fill out all necessary information including credit card to complete the process. Full payment is necessary to be placed on the appopriate team once registration closes. Without full payment, your child will be on a waitlist with no guarantee they will be on a team for the season. 
Refer to your Primary Care Physican or any local Healthcare Agency that provides Sports Physicals.   Players physical must be completed since January of the current Football Season Year. You must obtain a sports release form from your physician or you may click here for a JMFA Sports Release Form to have your physician complete.  All players must have a completed physical prior to the first day of practice to be able to participate.
GMJFA will sponsor a fun and fast paced football camp hosted by Green Mountain High School Coaches and Players.  Refer to the website under camps for more detail related to this camp.   

Jeffco Midget Football Association (JMFA):
JMFA, also known as “the county”, primarily consists of an Executive Board of Directors and representatives from each member area. Each member area, like GMJFA, participates in county meetings and has one (1) vote on any matter submitted for action. Of the Executive Board, only the President can cast a vote, and only as needed to break a tie between the member areas. JMFA is a non-profit, volunteer organization, primarily funded through annual assessment fees from every team.

Some of the activities that JMFA is responsible for include: Establishing/Enforcing Association rules, Bracketing of teams within grade levels (Division-1, Division-2 or Division-3), Scheduling of all games, Overseeing area Drafts and Weigh-ins, Coordination and training of Referees, Tracking/Reporting of game results, Sponsorship/Organization of the Carnation Bowl and Communicating critical information to the Association.

Member Areas:
Member areas consist of a group of teams within a geographic boundary that are governed by a local Association with a separate Board of Directors. New member areas must be capable of fielding and supporting a minimum of six (6) football teams and be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of JMFA.

Green Mountain Junior Football Association (GMJFA):
GMJFA, also known as “the board”, primarily consists of membership from the Board of Directors and Team Managers from each team within the area. All members are encouraged to attend meetings of the Association and have one (1) vote on any matter submitted for action (“active” members only). The President may only cast a vote, as needed, to break a tie between the active members present. GMJFA is a non-profit, volunteer organization, primarily funded through Player Registration Fees, Fund Raisers and Sponsorships. As an all volunteer organization, no individual directly involved with the Association should financially benefit from their involvement.

Some of the activities that GMJFA is responsible for include: Establishing/Enforcing area rules, Coordination with JMFA & Team Managers, Securing Coaches & Fields, Registration/Rostering of players, Providing team equipment and game jerseys, Coordinating GMJFA Football Camp, Team Pictures and Weigh-in’s, Soliciting/Tracking of Sponsorships and Financial oversight of the Association. A limited number of Scholarships are made available each year to players that demonstrate a financial need.

GMJFA Board of Directors:
The following positions/responsibilities compose the GMJFA Board of Directors:

o President: Presides over GMJFA meetings, Attend/Liaison at JMFA meetings, Coordinates Coaches, Rules & Policies, and Player Draft/Team Rostering.
o Vice President: Coordinates Camp, Flag and Tackle Registration & Records (Packets & Walk-in’s), Weigh-in’s, Season Surveys and the GMJFA Football Camp.
o Secretary: Record of Meetings, Track GMJFA Membership, Maintain Bylaws and Handbook, Assists with development of any necessary reports.
o Treasurer: Records all Financial Activity, Signature on all payments, Tax/Other Required Filings, Maintains Bank Accounts.
o County Representative(s): Attend/Liaison at JMFA meetings, Help Staff JMFA activities (Draft & Weigh-in Oversight, Carnation Bowl, Special Meetings, etc.), Serve as onsite Field Representative on game days.
o Fields Manager: Field Permits, City/School Liaison, Field Set-up on game days, Contact for missing Referee’s.
o Equipment Manager: Purchase, Inventory and Manage all football equipment, Jersey and GMJFA Apparel.
o Team Manager Coordinator: GMJFA Liaison for all Team Managers & Parents, Conducts regular meetings with Team Managers, Coordinates onsite Field Representatives on game days.
o Team Mom Coordinator: GMJFA Liaison for all Team Moms, Provides guidance and advice (Uniforms, Optional Team Apparel, Weigh-in’s, Pictures, Sponsorships, Snack & Drink Schedules, Field Locations, etc.)
o Sponsorship Director: Administers Sponsorship Program, Acquires Sponsorship Banners & Plaques, and Coordinates GMJFA Fund Raisers.
o Webmaster/Public Relations: Manages GMJFA Website & Football Hotline.

Teams consist of a group of players, within a grade level, that are eligible to play in accordance with the JMFA Rules & Bylaws.  JMFA consists of three different Divisions of play (based upon results from previous year). Division-1 (D-I) is intended to include the top 10 teams within a grade level. Division-2 (D-II) is intended to include the next 10-14 teams, and Division-3 (D-III) includes all remaining teams within a grade level and is not limited in size.  Each year, the top two teams in each Division move up (D-II & D-III), while the bottom two teams in D-I & D-II move down.

Head Coaches are appointed/retained by the Area President. Head Coaches serve as the leader of their individual team and are responsible for all aspects of that team. Each Head Coach may designate a maximum of five (5) Assistant Coaches that may be rostered with the team and that may stand on the sideline of team games. The Head Coach is responsible for delegating responsibilities and for all actions of his Assistant Coaches, Team Mother and any other individuals involved with the team. All coaches and individuals actively involved with the team must pass a Background Check and are subject to all rules/procedures of GMJFA and JMFA. Head Coaches are required to report their game scores to JMFA (via the website) by the end of each game day.

Team Manager:
Annually, each team is required to elect a Team Manager. The Team Manager serves as the team liaison with GMJFA and is automatically made a member thereof. The Team Manager is the first point of escalation for parents/players if an issue cannot be resolved with the Head Coach. Typically, the Team Manager will meet with the Head Coach on a regular basis to share information and address any issues. Each Team Manager should be familiar with the bylaws and rules of GMJFA and JMFA. The Team Manager must ensure volunteers are identified, prior to the start of each game, to assist with Play Counts, Chains, and Down Marker. The Team Manager is also responsible for managing the sidelines at games and helping to enforce the Parents Code of Ethics.

Team Mom:
It is highly recommended that each team identify a Team Mom(s). A Team Mom can assist the Head Coach with the numerous logistical issues surrounding the team. Some of the activities that a Team Mom may assist with include: Communicating with parents, Game Schedules and Location Information, Snack & Drink Schedules, Team Weigh-in’s and Pictures, Name Plates for Jerseys, Optional Team Apparel, Fund Raisers and Year-end Activities. At the start of each season, GMJFA conducts a meeting for Team Moms to provide information and answer any questions they may have.

Player Registration:
Player Registrations are typically accepted from May through August. Registrations must be submitted online through the website.    All questions related to registration should be referred to the Vice President.

1. Completed Registration Form & Registration Fee
2. Copy of School Transcript or current year fees to verify grade level
3. Proof of Physical (dated since January of the current football season)
4. Proof of Residency (One of the following: Electric/Gas, Phone or water bill)
5. Birth Certificate 

The Area President has prime responsibility to roster players on teams and to do so within all applicable rules and procedures. Returning players automatically return to their previous team unless the player has requested to enter the Draft. No guarantee of movement can be made. Coaches are encouraged to recruit new players into GMJFA that have never played in JMFA. However, coaches may not contact any returning JMFA player for the purpose of them joining their team. Team Rosters are typically closed after Weigh-ins.

Blind Draft:
For new players NOT recruited to a specific team and for any returning player requesting a change in teams, they will be entered into the Blind Draft. All players participating in the draft will be represented by a Draft Card that identifies only their grade level and "patch" designation (Patch/Non-patch). Cards will be selected as determined by GMJFA and assigned to a team. A Division-1 draft will be held prior to the Division-2 draft for those players wishing to move to a Division-1 team.

Note: When sufficient player registrations exist within an age group to create a new team, GMJFA will contact all returning players within that age group to determine their desire to enter the Blind Draft.

Player Equipment:
GMJFA provides a game jersey for every New player. Returning players that need a replacement jersey, it must be purchased by the parents. The game jersey should NOT be altered in any way, with the exception of removable name plates. Teams that elect to have name plates on jersey is at the expense of the players parents. If a player requires a weight patch, they will be provided by GMJFA and must be placed on the helmet before the first league game. Coaches may decide between Black or Vegas Gold pants and socks for games. Helmets are required to be Matte Black and may display the official GMJFA "GM" or “Rams Horn” or any other logo approved by GMJFA Board.  Individual team awards (i.e., game stickers) may also be displayed on player helmets at the expense of the team.  A three hundred dollar ($300) deposit is required from each team, typically withheld from Team Sponsorship/Fundraising funds, to ensure the return of all GMJFA provided team equipment.

Basic equipment to be purchased by each player includes: Helmet (Matte Black) with Face Mask (Black), Chin Strap, Shoulder Pads, Game Pants (Vegas Gold or Black) with pads, Game Socks (Vegas Gold or Black), and Football Cleats (Non-metalic). Individual teams may choose from the color options for each of these items.

Optional equipment that may be purchased includes: Eye Shield (clear only), Neck Support, Rib Vest, Arm/Elbow Pads, Hand Warmer, Gloves, Athletic Supporter, Thermal Underwear, Practice Jersey, Practice Pants and other team apparel. No team may require the parents to purchase of any optional equipment for their player.

Equipment Sale:
Each year GMJFA sponsors various Equipment Sales for all teams. At this time, all team equipment and game jerseys are distributed. Refer to the homepage for details related to the current season equipment sales.

Football Camp(s):
Each year numerous football camps are available for those players interested. Many of these camps are advertised on the JMFA Website as a courtesy. In addition, GMJFA typically sponsors a local football camp along with Green Mountain High School (GMHS). This Football Camp has an additional charge and separate Registration Form in order to participate. The camp is meant to provide a pre-season opportunity for players to begin their skill development and conditioning. Refer to the homepage/camps for further details.

Weigh-in’s & Team Pictures:
Weigh-in’s are typically conducted in conjunction with other areas to provide mutual oversight and coordination. Each team will be assigned a specific weigh-in time. Teams are advised to arrive 30 minutes early to ensure they are ready and organized in advance. Each team must line-up ALPHABETICALLY, in the same order that appears on the roster. Each player must be wearing their numbered jersey to be weighed. No parents are allowed in the weigh-in area.

Backfield Limits (Patch Weights):  Refer to the JMFA Website for the Bylaws related to weight requirement to patch players.

All players will receive a FREE 5x7 Team Picture and a FREE 3x5 individual picture paid for by the association. Each player needs to complete an Order Form whether they want additional pictures or not. Additional pictures may be purchased by specifying the desired package on the Order Form. Periodically, photographers will take game pictures and make them available for individual purchase. These photographers are not sponsored by GMJFA and are completely optional.

Team Sponsorships:
Refer to homepage of website, leftside under Sponsorship tab.

Websites & Calendar of Events:
The GMJFA website and the JMFA website: www.jeffcofootball.com both maintain a Calendar of Events to help plan your season and team activities. Additional information on many important activities can be found there, including: Football Camps, Draft, Equipment Sale, Weigh-ins, Team Pictures, Start of Practices, Game Schedules/ Results, Carnation Bowl, etc. Please take advantage of these resources and let us know if additional information would be of value.

Contact Information:
Numerous options exist to contact GMJFA. If appropriate, questions/concerns can be taken directly to the Head Coach or Team Manager of an individual team. Otherwise, individual GMJFA Board Members can be reached as identified on the GMJFA Website. Finally, messages can be left on the Football Hotline at: 720-255-1892 or sent directly to the GMJFA mailbox at:

P.O. Box 151246
Lakewood, CO. 80215