Travel Soccer Tryout Format January 15th 2017 6-8pm

Players arrive 30 min prior to the start of their try-out to check in, register and retrieve their pinnie and number. Players must have indoor cleats or sneakers---no outdoor cleats allowed.

Our tryouts are being instructed and players evaluated by Challenger Sports.

There will be 4 stations and tryouts will be 60min in length.

Players will work through 4 Skill Stations.

10 min on each station, with 5 min to rotate, rest and explain next station.

Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports will assign two (2 ) coaches to the Highlander Soccer Club; One senior staff member to facilitate and evaluate, with one (1) additional coach to help evaluate alongside him/her.

Challenger Sports coaching staff shall set up/manage/run all stations throughout the Try-Out. Once the Try-Outs are complete, Challenger Sports will provide the club with each player’s grades so the club can then collate and then rank each player to create the teams.


Station 1. One Vs One Dribbling

Description--Defender passes the ball to the attacker. Attacker must then take control of the ball, move towards the defender in attempt to beat/pass the defender, stopping the ball on the defenders base line under control. The players switch roles after each attempt. Defender must wait until attacker receives the ball before they can apply pressure.

Assessment Criteria:


•             Slowing the ball down and speeding it up

•             A change of pace once the space is created

•             Strength on the ball

•             Use of both feet

•             Use of foot skills/fast feet to keep the ball and beat defender


•             Defender shows patience while defending

•             Defenders closing down the space in a “Side On” position.

•             Defenders is strong in the tackle 

Station 2: 4 Goal Conditioned Game

Description--Players are split into equal teams and face off against each other. Teams have two (2) goals they can score in, but also have two (2) goals they need to defend.  The objective is to try and dribble through the goal, under control to score.

Assessment Criteria:

Game awareness, Dribbling, Passing, Movement off the ball and Switching of Play

Can players successfully look for space on the field, with/without the ball, creating opportunities to switch the play, possess the ball and drive towards space when available? Are player able to get their head up and find players in space, not just to score, but to maintain possession.


Station 3: Small Sided Games

Description--Players are split into equal teams and face off against each other. This is a conventional game, with goals at either end of the field. 

Assessment Criteria:

Over all team play in a game situation

•             Are the players involved in the game?

•             Do they take up a natural position e.g. out wide, attack, defence?

•             Do they make the right decision e.g. pass, shoot, dribble at the right time?

•             Do they communicate with other players?

•             Are they aggressive in their play?

•             Do they help team mates by encouraging them

•             Do they show talent during the game in how they play?


Station 4: 1v1 + GK

Description--Teams form 2 lines either side of the goal. Evaluator plays a ball out ono the field & the first player to get the ball becomes the attacker, the other player is the defender. Attacker must move past the defender and then get a shot on goal. GK must be changed every 2 minutes or no goalies.

Assessment Criteria:


•             Player moves towards the ball

•             Player shows turn of pace

•             Player is strong on the ball

•             Player uses both feet

•             Player shows skill moves to go past defender


•             Defenders should close the attackers down quickly

•             Defenders closing down the player with the ball is in a side on position

•             Defenders work tackles at the correct opportunity


•             Player strikes the ball with their laces

•             Players strikes the ball with power showing a follow through

•             Player strikes for bottom/top corners