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What IS FUTSAL…. and Why PLAY IT?


Futsal is a five a side small sided game (4v4 plus goalie), played on a small sided indoor pitch with a hard smooth surface. Futsal is a self teaching game, as players are constantly put in situations where they must pass, receive and play while under pressure in confined spaces.


Two very important components to the game of soccer are 1: good technique (Foot Skills) and 2: creative tactical mind (speed of play). Playing Futsal teaches both of these components better than any other indoor format.


For young players Futsal is an excellent development tool as players are provided with a large number of opportunities to be in possession of the ball to practice techniques and skills. Players learn quickly by playing Futsal; knowing where free space is, where your support/teammates are and where your opponents are at all times is so important. Many of the benefits of Futsal are transferable to the outside game most notably making decisions under pressure, the principles of attack and defense and how to provide yourself time and space. Futsal is a great tool and experience for development of all ages.



  • More touches on the ball (ideal environment to teach footskills)

  • Fast paced, high pressure with limited contact

  • Helps create a better 1st touch & better foot skills under pressure

  • More movement without the ball which helps create thinkers

  • Promotes players to be more tactically aware (aware of support, space & where your teammates and opponents are at all times.

  • High-scoring games

  • Constant excitement: FUN, FUN, FUN!




futsal focuses on TRue soccer development

Our philosophy is players develop more quickly when they are playing the game in a fun, risk-free environment.  Players grow when they are comfortable taking chances, experimenting with new skills, making mistakes, and learning in the flow of the game.


Futsal delivers the optimal format for this type of player development.  For example, in a 40 minute futsal game players:


  • Receive more touches on the ball

  • Make more decisions on and off the ball

  • Own both offensive and defensive responsibilities

  • React to more pressure in less space 


Just as important as the skill requirement, futsal is great fun.  Keeping players engaged and interested in the sport is a critical component of player development.  Futsal is a different twist on the game which keeps players fresh and excited to learn new skills.