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(Adopted January, 2017)


The following Rules of Play and Standards of Conduct (the "Rules") have been adopted by the Central Ohio Youth Lacrosse League ("COYLL") and shall govern play and conduct for all games among COYLL member teams for the 2017 lacrosse season and all subsequent seasons until these rules are subsequently amended, restated or otherwise modified in accordance with the governing documents of COYLL.


COYLL Administration shall be comprised of the Executive Director, League Director, League Assigner. Additional support staff will be provided by The Ohio Machine as needed. Their responsibilities are as follows:


Executive Director shall oversee all operations of the league. Hire & oversee directors of the league. Help foster educational tools and resources to help the PL’s grow. Set meetings and agendas for COYLL.  Final approval of by-laws and waivers to the by-laws.  Mediate any disputes between any parties involved with COYLL. 


League Director sets the game calendar & schedule. Collect important information from each PL including but not limited to field number and locations, team counts and contacts for PL’s. Sends and collects season invoices. Works with assigner to ensure referees are scheduled for each game. Maintenance of league rules and regulations. Will collect and keep all information on any potential any by law violations.  Will work with assigner and executive director to hand out any violation that deems a necessary reprimand. Website updates.


League Assigner shall train and certify all referees.  Assign all games. Provide invoice information to director. Including but not limited to PL assignments and referee payments. Take note of any violation that took place that involved a league official and report to the Executive Director and Director. Communicate rules and rule changes to PL’s.  Write and approve all final COYLL approved league rules prior to the season.


A. COYLL Participant League Duties and Responsibilities


  1. The Participant League will retain its complete autonomy in function and order. A PL shall be any of the following, but not limited to;

•   Municipal parks and recreational organization

•   Community youth athletics organization

•   Community youth lacrosse league

•   School athletic program

•    Private lacrosse league designated to represent a complete Central Ohio community or school

b.   The Participant League will arrange its teams by academic grade. The Participant League will support COYLL belief that youth players benefit from the social aspect of youth athletics by participating with kids from their school and local communities.

c.   Designate a COYLL Primary League Contact that will act as the single point of contact for ALL COYLL matters including COYLL and Official fees.

d.   The Participant League will register all players through their own systems. Each PL is responsible for managing individual player fees for their home community.

e.   Participant League Representative will obtain a waiver from the COYLL board of representatives for any deviation from any COYLL Bylaws and Rules of Play. Deviation from the COYLL Bylaws and Rules of Play without a granted waiver will be considered a violation of the COYLL Code of Conduct.

f.   When a Participant League has more than 1 team in a division of play, the teams will be blended by skill and age across all the recreational teams at the division. For example – All 5th Graders cannot reside on the same team and 6th Graders reside on the other team from the same Participant League. Each year’s Participant League will assess and assign Recreational Teams in an attempt to distribute player grade and skills evenly.

B. COYLL Recreational Team Duties and Responsibilities

a.   All Participant League players will be registered, and assigned to one Recreational Team and only one Recreational Team. Team members will come from their Participant League. Individual players who do not have a representative Participant League from their community or school may play within another Participant League. 

c.   Each Recreational Team will have a single designated Head Coach. The Recreational Team Head Coach will sign and be responsible for following and enforcing the COYLL Code of Conduct.

C.  COYLL Select Team Duties and Responsibilities

a.   Every Participant League has the option to designate one or more Select Teams to play games established by COYLL. Select Team players will come from the Participant League Recreational Teams. These rosters are not static and can accommodate different players from within the Participant League Recreational Teams.

b.   A Participant League may elect to not put forth a Select Team, and one or more of the Participant League registered player(s) are permitted to play for a different Participant League Select Team.

c.    Participant Leagues may pool their players together, when their number are insufficient to maintaining their own Select Team. All teams are subject to COYLL approval.

D. Rules of Play

  • Applicability of US Boys Youth Rules and Exceptions.  COYLL plays by the current-year US Lacrosse (USL) Boys’ Lacrosse Rules (the "Youth Boys Rules"), as modified by the rules set forth below. All USL Rules not modified below are to be considered standard rules for the current lacrosse season.
  • General Rules for All Divisions.
  • 1-9-1j- Required Equipment- Arm pads are required for all goalies.
  • 2.1.3- Coaches- Head Coaches are required to stay within the sideline coaches box, and may not extended past goal line extended (GLE).
  • 3.1- Length of the Game- A legal game will consist of (4) 8-minute stop time quarters, with a 2-minute break between each quarter and a 5-minute half time.
  • 3.4- Overtime- There will be no overtime at any level of play.
  • 4.4- Positioning of Players and Starting Play- Teams shall place one face-off player at center field, along with one each on the designated wing lines. Goalkeepers are confined to their crease during a face-off. All players are released when possession is gained.
  • 4.21- Substitutions Procedures- Substitutions shall be done during live ball play/ “on-the-fly”. A horn shall be permitted at sideline dead-ball restarts.
  • 4.25- Timeouts- Each team will be granted two (1) one minute timeouts per half.
  • 4.32- Scrum Situation- There is no scrum rule, players will continue to play for possession until gained successfully.
  • 6.13- Raking Rule-Raking is allowed for all divisions/leagues.
  • One Pass Rule for ALL COYLL Levels of Play- One (1) completed pass is required within the offensive half of the field prior to a goal being scored. Another completed pass is required only when the ball crosses back over the midfield line and is recovered by the previously defensive team/now offensive team.
  • The clearing team MUST possess the ball in their offensive half of the field to require the opponent to complete another pass before becoming eligible to score.
  • Mercy Rule for ALL COYLL Levels of Play- A team trailing by 6 goals shall be awarded a free clear (possession without a face-off) to begin play after a 6 goal lead has been established by the opposing team. If the lead is cut to 5 goals or less, play shall resume with a face-off at midfield. 
  • Note: regardless of the score differential, each quarter shall begin with a face-off. The trailing team shall have the option of waiving the mercy rule.
  • Junior Rec Specific Rules (3rd and 4th grade):
  • 1.2.1- Field Measurements- The playing field shall be rectangular, suggested 55-60 yards max length and 40-45 yards in width.
  • 2.1.1- Number of Players- Each team will field 7 players, (2) two mid-fielders, (2) defenders, (2) offensive players, and (1) one goalkeeper.   
  • 4.10- Off-sides- Off-sides will be called when there is not a minimum (3) three defensive players per teams’ defensive zone, and a minimum of (2) offensive players per teams’ offensive zone.
  • Long Pole Rule: No long poles are allowed for Junior Rec
  • Senior Rec/Junior-Senior Select Specific Rules:
  • 1.2.1- Field Measurements- The playing field shall be a rectangular, 100-110 yards’ max length and a 55-60 yards in width.
  • 2.1.1- Number of Players- Each team will field 10 players consisting of: (1) one goalkeeper, (3) midfield, (3) defense, and (3) attack.
  • 4.10- Off-sides- Off-sides will be called when there is not a minimum (4) three defensive players per teams’ defensive zone, and a minimum of (3) offensive players per teams offensive zone.
  • Long Pole Rule:
  • Four (4) defensive poles are allowed per team for Select Senior play.
  • No poles are to be allowed during Select Junior Play.
  • Scheduling
  • All schedules are to be provided through the COYLL Administration. Any games on COYLL league days outside of COYLL are considered a Rule and Regulations violations. Rec games are to be played on Sundays, with Select games on predetermined Saturdays.
  • The visiting team, appointing official, games officials, and the League are to be informed at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of any changes to start times and/or games cancellations, circumstances permitting.
  • Notifications of cancellation due to weather conditions and/or field conditions are to be made by the home team to the visiting team, appointing official, games officials, and the League as soon as possible.
  •  In the case of a team failing to appear for an officially scheduled game that has not been properly cancelled, the team failing to appear will be responsible for paying officials.  The team appearing will be declared the winner.
  • If a game is halted in the second half, the team in the lead shall be declared the winner.
  • If a game is halted for any reason and the game cannot be rescheduled for any reason, the team with the lead shall be declared the winner.
  • In the event of thunder or lighting, all individuals should leave the game site and reach a safe structure or location by the time the person monitoring the weather obtains a flash-to-bang (lightning-to-thunder) count of thirty (30) seconds (equivalent to lightning being six (6) miles away).  When considering resumption of a game, everyone ideally should wait at least thirty (30) minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field of activity. Officials will assume all authority for restarting the game.
  • Cancelations within 3 hour or sideline of the scheduled game field will require Officials to be paid by each team.
  • Home Team Obligations.
    • The designated Home Team is responsible for providing a playing field of regulation specifications and confirming the scheduling of duly certified officials by the League.   If officials are not appointed by the assigning authority for COYLL or if assigned officials fail to appear the head coaches will arrange for the best possible coverage of the game.  In the absence of these conditions, the visiting team can cancel the game and request it to be re-scheduled at a mutually acceptable date and time.
  • The Home Team shall provide a scorekeeper, timekeeper, minimum of 4 (four) end line balls on each end line and/or ball boys.
  • The Home Team wears white or light–colored jerseys or as agreed upon by coaches prior to the game.
  • Box area must be maintained by the Home Team.  There is not to be any cheering or coaching by personnel working the box/table area.
  • Spectators are prohibited from the players’ side of the field, and on the end line. It is the home team responsibility to remove all spectators from these areas before play can be resumed or be brought into the sideline box.
  • Other Rules and Obligations.
  • Officials' Decisions. The application and interpretation of the game rules shall be the sole responsibility of the officials.   All game rules made by officials are considered final.
  • League Penalties.   Penalties or sanctions for violating these Rules or other applicable rules may be imposed by the League on players, coaches, teams, league and/or spectators after a process of fact gathering and the opportunity to be heard by the person or entity accused of wrongdoing. Penalties shall be fair and reasonable in light of the circumstances.
  • Player Eligibility.  Each player must meet all requirements as specified by each member school or club to be eligible to participate in COYLL games including academic and age standards. All players must be registered with COYLL. A copy of the team roster with player contact info (address, phone number, guardian name, and email) will be provided to COYLL, before games are scheduled.  A player may play "up" or "down" to the Seniors or Juniors, per individual case, upon the written request of the player's parent or legal guardian and the approval of the COYLL Administration. A determination to permit a player to play "up" or "down" shall be made solely with the player's well-being in mind and may take into consideration any physical or other factors as may be relevant. Such requests shall not be considered for the competitive advantage of a team. The decision of the COYLL Administration shall be final.
  • Game Disputes.  In case of disputes regarding games, written protests are to be submitted to the League within twenty-four (24) hours of the contest. The ruling of the League shall be final.
  • Notices to the League. Notices to the League called for in these Rules shall be deemed properly provided if delivered via e-mail or other reasonable method to the then-acting Executive Director or Commissioner (if such position has been duly established and filled by the Board of Director.