To promote the sport of girl's lacrosse through teamwork, courage and heart.
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Fall Ball 7v7 Rules


  • 6 field players + 1 goalie are allowed on the playing field including 2 attack, 2 midfield, 2 defense and 1 goalie for each team.  If both teams have more players on their rosters and choose to play 7 field players + a goalie they may as long as both teams agree. This would make 2 attack, 3 midfield, 2 defense and 1 goalie.  You will always hold 2 field players back at all times behind the midfield line. 
  • Substitutions are made on the fly from the midline and may be made at anytime during play. Subs must wait until the player is completely off the field. 
  • Game time: Games are 30 minute running clock
  • Time outs: no time outs are allowed.
  • The Draw: there will only be one draw at the start of the game. After each goal the goalie will have 10 seconds to clear the ball. If there is no goalies then the closest defender may clear the ball. 
  • AlUSL Rule 6 game rules apply, except Section 7. Team Fouls/Offsides: teams must have 3 players behind the half field line when the ball is in their offensive end, and must have two players behind the half field line when the ball is in their defensive end.
  • Penalty Administration and Cards: ALL USL Rule 7 Rules apply, except Section 31, all components of the rule apply except the 2-min penalty time is releasable if the opposing team scores.
  • Overtime: There will be no overtime, games can end in a tie.

  • Each team will defend a regulation size lacrosse goal.
  • All players must be fully equipped with goggles and mouth guard.   Goalies must have helmet, throat guard, chest protector, girdle, gloves, shin guards (youth and HS only) and mouth guard.
  • There will be at least one official on the field at all times. All calls by the officials are final. There are no arguing calls.
  • Referees will have the power to remove any player from the field or facility for any reason.
Code of Conduct:
  • It is expected that all players, fans, managers, parents and officials will conduct themselves in a manner that is based on sportsmanship, safety and respect.  Players must adhere to the following code of conduct to stay in good standing:
    • Show respect for officials, managers, fellow players, officials, and the league.
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after games.
    • Honor the authority of each official and treat him/her with respect.  Accept decisions made by the officials as final.
    • Respect the game, play fairly and follow its rules and regulations.
    • Respect the privilege of the use of public facilities