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"Having good stick skills, 
doesn't take size, it doesn't take strength, 
it doesn't take speed, it doesn't even take intelligence, 
it takes a commitment to PRACTICE!"
- Dave Pietramala
Helpful Videos
Click here for a wall ball video
Click here for the one handed passing demo
Click here for the "phone-booth shooting drill"
Click here for the "Torso-shooting drill"
Wall Ball Checklist

1.        Every drill that you do, do it with both hands
2.        Always wear gloves when you are practicing
3.        Stand 5-7 yards away from the wall   
4.        Practice the routine at least 4-5 times per week for 15 - 20 minutes 
6.        Listening to music to make it more fun!

Lacrosse Wall Ball Basic Routine:

-  Quick stick – 10 right, then 10 left (no cradle)
-  Catch & Quick Cradle - 10 right, then 10 left (only one quick cradle)
Catch & Switch (split dodge) - throw right, catch right, split dodge to left hand,         throw left, catch left, split back to right hand- 10 right-left, then 10 left-right  
Canadian/Cross handed - 10 right, then 10 left- “cross handed” means stick in       right hand on the left side of body, or stick in left hand on right side of body (one 
     quick cradle each time)
-  Quick stick- change hands each time you throw the ball while the ball is in the         air -10 right, then 10 left (no cradle)

Other challenges to incorporate:
-  One hand quick stick- 10 right, then 10 left (no cradle)
-  One hand catch and cradle – 10 right, then 10 left (one quick cradle)
-  Face dodge- catch-face dodge-throw- 10 right, then 10 left
-  Behind the back- 10 right, then 10 left

Long Passing: Line up 5-12 yards from the wall. Start with 30 right hand throws, which will come back to you on one bounce. When you retrieve the ball from the one bounce, cradle once, then follow-up with the next throw. When you have completed 30 right-handed throws, follow-up with 30 left.


Throwing & Catching on the Run: First line up 5-7 yards from the wall on the far left side of the wall. Begin with the stick in your right hand and while running alongside the wall (towards the other end), throw and catch the ball on the run. The important part is to throw the ball on the run and not always catching the ball stick side. You don’t always get a stick side pass, so in your training you should practice catches all over. After one length of the wall, run back to the other end throwing lefty. Keep repeating these steps. This stage should be done for about 5-7 minutes.

Shooting: Line-up around 12-15 yards from the wall. Get in proper shooting formation (hands loose, three quarter/overhand motion, snapping of the hips, and following threw) mark a few places on the wall with tape to aim at. Shoot at about 80% velocity, having the ball come back to you with one bounce. Depending on where you aim, the ball may take bounces that aren’t the same, so you have to work a little bit. Start with 25 right, and follow up with about 25 left.

Trickery: Hitch/Shot Fakes or other creative stuff can be incorporated at this time.