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Tournament Team Overview

Our Tournament Baseball program offers an exciting opportunity for players in the 9-11 age groups to gain traveling baseball experience.  The purpose of the program is to provide baseball players who have demonstrated advanced baseball skills the opportunity to compete with other players who have similar abilities and for those players to gain additional experience through additional practice and game play.  Designed to be an extension of our in-house program, Tournament Team Baseball can be a great way for those players who desire a more competitive level of play to test their skills against similarly skilled teams from around the state of Minnesota and surrounding states.

9u Tournament Team players are required to also participate in the in-house league.

10u and 11u Tournament Team players are not required to participate in the CAA In-House league. (this is a change for 2017)

It is the intent of the C.A.A. to field Tournament Teams at all three levels of competition for the 10 through 11 age groups.  Those levels are defined by the Metro Baseball League (MBT) & Gopher State League (MYAS) from highest to lowest as Class AAA, Class AA, and Class A, or also as defined by the Minnesota Sports Federation (MSF) from highest to lowest as Class A, Class B, and Class C.  The 9-year-old age group will field equally weighted teams and may play in tournaments at the MBT & MYAS 10A level or 9u level, depending on which tournaments are available to register in. 


Weather permitting; each of our Chanhassen 10u & 11u tournament baseball teams will play in a total of 5 regular season weekend tournaments during the May-June time period, totaling a minimum of 15 games. 9u teams will play in 3 regular season tournaments, for a minimum total of 9 games.  Depending on the individual team’s success, they may play additional games within each tournament, bringing the total number of regular season tournament games up to approximately 25.  Each team’s schedule will include one overnight tournament at an out-state location, when possible.  Tournament schedules are assigned to each team prior to the selection of players and coaches, and are posted on the C.A.A. website in early February.

View the tournament team schedule in the Baseball Info > Documents section.
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Additional Play & State Tournaments
Often if a tournament team achieves a 2nd place finish or better during tournament play, they may be awarded a bid by the hosting association to participate in one or more State tournaments (MBT, Gopher State, or MSF).  While we encourage the teams to accept these bids, and most teams do, participation in these State tournaments at the end of the season is voluntary, and it is up to each individual team to decide if they will participate in one or all of the State Tournaments for which they qualify.  Each team must self-fund the State tournament entry fee and gate fees should they qualify and choose to participate.

Also, if a team opts to play in any regular season tournaments that go above and beyond the tournaments that have already been assigned by the C.A.A., they may do so by working in conjunction with the Director of Tournament Teams to find available tournament openings.  Note that any additional tournaments would be self-funded by the team wishing to add a tournament, and should be discussed thoroughly in a parent/team meeting beforehand.  

Commitment Level
All players and families must sign and submit the C.A.A. Tournament Team Commitment Pledge at the time of tryouts.  Any player who makes the roster of a C.A.A. tournament baseball team who then decides not to play on that team will forfeit their registration fee, their eligibility to participate in the tournament baseball program for the remainder of the season, as well as their eligibility for the entire following season of all C.A.A. baseball programs (in-house, Tournament Team, Metro, etc.), unless extenuating circumstances exist as determined by the Player Agent, the Vice President of Baseball, and the Director of Tournament Teams. 
Some things to consider when registering for a Chanhassen tournament team:

1.)   Playing Chanhassen Tournament Team Baseball is fun, but it is a time intensive commitment.  Tournaments could begin as early as Friday afternoons at 3:00pm (or earlier), and could run as late as Sunday evenings at 6:00pm, depending on the location and format.

2.)   At the 9u level, Tournament Team practice times are separate from a player’s in-house obligations and could be held 1-3 nights per week.  However, when an unresolved conflict arises between Tournament and In-House teams, the priority is always given to the In-House event (practice, games, playoffs, etc.)

3.)   Playing on a Tournament Team is also a team commitment.  Absences, tardiness and disruptive conduct can all be grounds for curtailing a player’s play time and can even lead to dismissal from the team without refund.  Each coach will be given the authority to manage their team based on the commitment level demonstrated by their players.

4.)   Tournament Team baseball is more competitive than in-house baseball in some cases, and as such it is likely that not all of the players will play every one of the positions on the team.  However, it is the goal that over the course of a season, all players will receive a reasonable amount of equal playing time in the field where possible, regardless of position.

5.)   Chanhassen Tournament Team Baseball is neither a “win at all costs” program, nor is it an “open player rotation” program.  The tournament baseball program is designed to help build a successful and competitive baseball program for the community of Chanhassen that focuses on a healthy balance between player development and playing winning baseball.

Coach Selection
Anyone who desires to be either a Head Coach or Assistant Coach is encouraged to fill out an application online and go through the formal coach interview process. All applications should be received no later than February 27th of each year.  

A Coach Selection Committee consisting of three or more people selected by the Executive Baseball Committee will interview all applicants and make its final decision on tournament team Head Coaches immediately following the player Skills Evaluations.  Primary selection criteria may include, but is not limited to, past baseball coaching and playing experience, personal coaching and human development philosophies, organizational skills, strong moral and ethical characteristics, support of the Tournament Baseball Program and C.A.A. policies/procedures, and the applicant's commitment to devote several hundred hours to the program during the course of the season. 

Team Selection
Players are selected for the tournament teams based on a combination of information gathered on each player at the Skills Tryouts and through the Post-Season Player Observations from the prior season, provided by up to three coaches of the player’s team, when available.  The Skills Tryouts are conducted on TWO separate days, and both sessions are MANDATORY.  Any player not able to participate in both Skills Tryout sessions must provide in writing prior to the Tryouts the reason for absence to both the Player Agent (Tom Mahlke), and the Director of Tournament Teams (Chris Fazi).  The only possible excuses for not participating in both sessions might include:


1.)   Serious Player Injury

2.)   Previously Scheduled Trip or Vacation, disclosed well in advance of the Tryouts

Players will be graded on a variety of baseball related skills by impartial, unbiased, persons, selected by the Baseball Executive Committee, and no parents of players currently participating in Tryouts will be allowed in the gym facility during the Skills Tryouts.  The evaluators will not be related to, nor have any direct ties with any of the tryout participants involved in their assigned age group. 

Grading players is not a perfect science, but every effort is made to ensure that players are placed at a level of competition that is commensurate with their abilities.  Bear in mind that the Skills Evaluation grades are only reflective of a given player’s abilities on the day of the Tryouts.  Each Tournament Team Head Coach will be assigned a core list of 8 players that is generated by the Tournament Player Selection Committee.  This list will be based on the information gathered from both the Skills Tryouts and the prior season Player Observations, and the coaches will then be allowed to select an additional 4 players from a Committee-generated pool of eligible players to round out their teams.

Birth Date Cutoff
The birth date cutoff for each season is April 30. The team (age level) for which a player is eligible is the same as the player’s age on that date. A player can opt to “play up” to play with his grade, but they may not “play up” because he or his parents believe he needs to be “at a more competitive level.”  A player cannot “play down” (i.e., play on a team younger than his/her age level) for any reason, per the governing organizations.  A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be supplied to the tournament head coach at the first parent/coach pre-season meeting, since each Tournament will require this documentation.

For the 2017 season:
9 and under born through 4/30/08 or completing 3rd grade.
10-year-olds born 5/1/06 through 4/30/07 or completing 4th grade.
11-year-olds born 5/1/05 through 4/30/06 or completing 5th grade.
12-year-olds born 5/1/04 through 4/30/05 or completing 6th grade.

A player who has the option of playing up with his grade can only be evaluated for the one age level the player has signed up for (i.e. he cannot tryout for the 10-year-old team if he opts to evaluate with the 11-year-olds at his grade level).

Players in the C.A.A. tournament program cannot be rostered to play for any other active team or association outside the C.A.A. from May 1 through the last game of the tournament season.  Any player found to be rostered on another active team outside of the C.A.A. will be removed from the C.A.A. team.