Mount Si Lacrosse Club serves youth and high school lacrosse players in the Snoqualmie Valley.



The shaft you choose will generally depend on the position you play and the level that you play.

Youth players do not need an expensive shaft. High School players need a stronger shaft.

Shafts can be made of different metals, wood and composite materials.

Attack Shafts

Attack shafts are for players who are midfielders and attack.  These shafts are 30″.

Defense Shafts

These long poles are 60″ and are used by defensemen.

Goalie Shafts

They look like a hybrid of an attack and defense shaft and begin at 40 inches but can be cut down.


Heads depend on what level of play and not necessarily on position of the player.

Be sure to check which heads are high school legal.  Some are legal for all levels (usually labeled an “X” head) and some are legal for college lacrosse only.  High school legal heads are also legal for youth play.

Heads can be purchased pre-strung or unstrung.  Coaches recommend hard mesh for the heads. Custom stringing can be done via online (several of the online retailers offer this service) or it can be done locally at Breakaway Lacrosse which is located in Bellevue (425-451-3299) or Dicks Sporting Goods located in the Issaquah Highlands (425-427-9284).

There are several Senior and High School lacrosse players that will string as well…ask around! You can also ask your coach for player names and numbers.

Not sure what or how to buy? Click here for some recommendations.