Lacrosse, East Grand Rapids, Youth Lacrosse

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Wall Ball Workout:

25 pass right, catch right
25 pass left, catch left
25 switches (pass right, catch left, pass left catch right, etc)
25 splits (pass right, catch right, split dodge, pass left, catch left, split dodge)
25 quick stick right
25 quick stick left
25 cross hand/Canadian right
25 cross hand/Canadian left
25 behind the back right
25 behind the back left
25 Roll dodges (pass right, catch right, roll dodge, pass left, catch left, roll dodge)
25 Face Dodges Right (pass right, catch right, face dodge, pass right catch right fd)
25 Face Dodges Left (pass left, catch left, face dodge, pass left, catch left fd)

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential” – Winston Churchill

EGR Youth Records:

Behind The Back Contest

8th Grade:

Jacob Rogers

7th Grade:
Blake Abdalla

6th Grade:
Robbie Hooker

Fastest Shot

8th Grade:
Patrick Morgan - 77 MPH

7th Grade:
Dylan Walker - 67 MPH

6th Grade:
Danny Muth - 54 MPH