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Click to access the GHSC Managers Meeting Slides for the 2022-2023 Season. 

Team Managers

Every travel team needs a team manager to assist the coaches with some of the administrative duties associated to the Travel Program. Any of these responsibilities can be divided up amongst various parents on the team. Please don't think as team manager - you need to do it all.

Here is an outline of what a team manager is responsible for:

Complete CJSA Passes for all players, coaches and managers (Only needs to be done in the fall unless there are new spring players):

  • Once a CJSA roster is approved, the certified pass cards will be generated and provided to a team manager by GHSC. These cards will only be generated when the roster can be certified. This means all birth certificates have been received, and all coaches, assistant coaches and managers have completed their background checks.
  • CJSA will complete the background check once GHSC assigns the manager to a team in the league management website.
  • The team manager needs to affix a 1" by 1" photo (facial shot) to each pass (or upload the picture to the website). A team manager can request pictures from people or take head shots. (The small school photos work well).
  • Passes do NOT need to be signed so after the photos are affixed, they can be laminated and given to the coach. These will be verified at all league and friendly games by the referees. A suggestion is to punch a hole in the corner of each pass and place a metal ring through the entire pack of passes so they can easily be flipped through by a referee. A player will not be allowed to play without their pass nor will an adult without a pass be allowed on the team bench.
  • Along with the pre-printed CJSA player passes, Hartwell will provide to Team Manaers an official CJSA roster. Managers should make several copies of the certified roster - will be needed if you apply to tournaments. ​

Obtain completed medical release form for each player:

  • Give one copy to the coach and keep one copy with Manager.

Establish Team Budget and Collect Dues:

  • Dues should be collected in the fall and the spring from all players on the team.
  • Things to consider when setting dues amount: Referee payments (home games), tournament fees, patches for tournaments, additional trainer sessions if so desired by the team, team party, trophies, coach and/or player gifts.
  • Hartwell reimburses each team money to offset the cost of approximately 4 home games for both the fall and spring seasons - U9/10 - $300, U11/12 - $400, and U13/U14/15 - $500.
  • Below is the fee structure for the referees:

U9-U10 Ref Fees : $30 Center / $20 AR

U11-U12 Ref Fees : $40 Center / $25 AR

U13-U15 Ref Fees : $50 Center / $30 AR

U16-U18 Ref Fees : $60 Center / $35 AR

U19 Ref Fees : $70 Center / $40 AR

U11-U12 Ref Fees CT Cup: $50 Center / $30 AR

U13-U14 Ref Fees CT Cup: $60 Center / $35 AR

U15-U16 Ref Fees CT Cup: $70 Center / $45 AR

U19 Ref Fees CT Cup: $75 Center / $50 AR

  • Pay Referees at all home games. It is suggested to set up a team bank account for accountability rather than using cash. Refs can be paid in cash or check and should be paid during half-time.

Create & Manage Team schedule (usually done in collaboration with Coaches):

  • The club registers all travel teams with CJSA.
  • CJSA puts teams into appropriate brackets for league play (played on Sundays). The league schedule will be emailed directly to the head coach identifying the league games (1 per weekend - on Sundays). If you are hosting a league game then you need to reach out to opposing coach/manager and set up a time/field for the league game.
  • Most teams play 2 games per weekend - one friendly (Saturday) and one league (Sunday). You can go the website to identify teams to schedule friendly games (played on Saturdays). click on district and select North Central District and then choose "CJSA Central/North Central Travel League Info" Select the appropriate season (fall or spring) and choose verify league entries then choose either central (Hartwell is in this district) or north central. This will provide a list of all the teams by gender, age group, level (A, B, C) with contact information for the coach.
  • You may contact any of these teams for friendly games. In addition you can schedule a friendly with another Hartwell team.
  • Scheduling Fields for Home Games (done via field scheduling meeting held each season).
  • Maintain Schedule on league athletics website. All games (home, away, tournament) should be entered into League Athletics and results should be tracked. This helps GHSC place teams in the appropriate division each season.

Game Reporting in Glastonbury Citizen:

  • If the team chooses to have a write-up of the game in the Glastonbury Citizen, any submission should be sent to the Citizen by noon on Monday for the upcoming Thursday publication. Can either try to get a single reporter for the season or assign weekends to different families. (e-mail to ).

Confirm games and verify referees prior to the weekend:

  • If a game is rescheduled, you must notify Referee Assignor (Eric Baughman at ) to cancel the referees by Tuesday at 5:00 prior to the weekend or else the team will be responsible for paying the refs.
  • Check and choose "Hartwell" pool to verify all games have been scheduled with referees. Only done for home games.

Leage game scores should be reported to CJSA shortly after your game:

  • You do not need to enter in friendly or tournament scores, just league games.
  • Click on the link

    1. Select 'Game Entry' in the upper right hand corner of the page
    2. Click the arrow in the dropdown box next to 'Week Game Scheduled' to see the week's game matches and select your game
    3. Select the date that the game was 'originally' targeted on league schedule (not necessarily the date it was actually played)
    4. Click the arrow in the dropdown box next to 'Gender' to select boys or girls
    5. Click 'Next Step'
    6. Select the division from your schedule by clicking the dropdown box next to 'Division' - note- U9's are sorted to bottom.
    7. Click 'Next Step'
    8. Click the arrow next to 'Game' to select the game for which you are entering the score
    9. Enter the score for both teams
    10. Enter your name in 'Submitted By'
    11. Click the arrow next to 'Submitted By Club Name' to select your club

    Note: Both teams are required to enter the game scores for each game.
    All forfeits must be approved by your division coordinator. If a team forfeits, enter a 0 for that team's score and a '3' for the opposing team's score.

GHSC Tournament Responsibilities:

  • Work with GHSC Tournament committee to coordinate team tournament volunteer assignments.
  • Each family is required to volunteer 3 hours for each player in the travel program during the tournament weekend. Your team will be assigned a series of volunteers time slots that you need to assign and coordinate for the team.
  • 2 Coaches are exempt and do not need to fulfill 3 hour commitment.
  • Team managers are exempt and do not need to fulfill 3 hour commitment.

Coordinate team party:

  • Either at end of each season or the end of the year. Some teams have parties at the beginning of the season to get to know each other. Do what works best for the team.
Communication with Team (work with Coach to identify who does what):
  • Communicate Game Schedules
  • Snack Assignments
  • Directions to Away Games
  • Shirt color to wear for each game
  • Practice Information
  • Miscellaneous Team Information

Medical Equipment

  • Medical kits and ice packs will be distributed along with equipment to coaches at the coach meeting or other scheduled time. Managers typically do not handle this.

Pick up team uniforms from Uniform Coordinator:

  • For the 2015-2016 Travel Year we introduced a new uniform with an Adidas vendor. As part of the base uniform price, all players should have ordered the following pieces: home game jersey, away game jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pairs of socks, practice jersey and a jacket.
  • Warm up pants and back packs were available for an additional charge.
  • Each player ordered their own sizes on line and had the opportunity to add additional pieces such as a 2nd pair of shorts or optional pieces. All uniform orders will be team packed at the beginning of the season. Each manager is required to pick up their teams uniforms and then distribute the appropriate pieces to each player (including any optional or additional pieces purchased). Managers will receive a report of all pieces ordered for each player.
  • Replacement or additional pieces of our uniform can be ordered at any time by club members by going on-line to Players do not need to order additional or replacement pieces through team managers or coaches.
  • Spirit wear is also at Feel free to share the link with family, friends and supporters, and give your feedback on items you would like to see on the site.