Evanston Junior Wildkit Hockey offers Mites the chance to play competitive, full-ice games against other programs from northern Illinois. Its teams compete in the Chicago United Hockey League that is affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

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What's the Difference: House and Travel Hockey

The chart below describes the difference between the house and travel programs at the Mite level in Evanston. The travel program is run by the Junior Wildkits. The house program is run by Evanston Hockey.

The most noticeable difference at the Mite level is the game experience.

Junior Wildkits teams play full-ice games -- with official referees, goalies, scoreboards and standings -- in a competitive league against other programs in northern Illinois.

The house program run by Evanston Hockey plays cross-ice, 3-on-3 games (no goalies) against other Evanston house players. 

Additional details on the difference between house and travel at the Mite level: 



Run by Evanston Hockey


Run by Junior Wildkits


(financial aid available for those who demonstrate need)

$2,850 + $150 conditioning/tryouts (4 sessions)
(financial aid available for those who demonstrate need)

Season Length

Late September - Early March
(two week break over winter holidays)

Late August - Early March
(two week break over winter holidays)

On-Ice Practices

1 hour per week — Saturdays

2.5 hours per week on average — weeknights

Off-Ice / Dryland Training


TBD by coaching staff

Type of Games 3-on-3, cross-ice  5-on-5, full-ice (with scoreboards and referees)

Total Number of Games

1 game per Sunday
(standings not kept, no playoffs)

25-35 games per season (including tournaments)
(standings kept with league playoffs at end of season)

Away Game Location: Regular Season

None -- all games are at Crown and teams compete in-house against each other

Chicagoland -- typically 15-30 minute drive but generally not more than 60 minute drive



Minimum of 2 (one local, one out-of-town)
(typically within 3-4 hours of Chicago)

Typical number of nights spent in a hotel room during season


2-4 (for tournaments only)


One paid coach oversees program, volunteer parents assist

Paid AAU/USA Hockey certified coaching staff

Are “cuts” made after tryouts?

Not typically. If number of players outnumbers available roster spots, however, then preference will be given to Evanston residents and returning players.

Potentially. Players are carefully evaluated and placed on the appropriate team to ensure their continued development and enjoyment of the game. When cuts do occur, we will work to ensure that the player can play at the appropriate level. 

How are multiple teams at the same age level divided up?

Every effort is made to create competitively balanced teams.

The teams are divided after the tryout into a “1” team and a “2” team based on coach evaluation

Talent Level Within Team

Varies widely as teams are divided evenly

May be more closely matched since teams are divided into a “1” and “2” team

What’s included with fee?

Practice and game ice, house jersey

Practice and game ice, uniforms - home and away game jerseys and socks + practice jersey, two tournament entry fee, coaching fees

Opportunity to participate in “Dog Days” summer skates, spring hockey and winter holiday skates?