Greg Johnson Player Recognition Day

Greg Johnson was a coach, referee, and commissioner in our league.  He was an extraordinary man whose life was filled with acts of kindness and generosity.   He embodied the qualities we in this league aspire to, and he was an inspiration to us all.   Greg never lost sight that "it was always about the kids."  He loved coaching kids, and kids loved being coached by Greg.  

Greg always believed the league should recognize the talents and values of all the players, not just focus in on the better players.  The purpose of this day is to recognize players not participating on any travel league team and who represent the values the Hamden Regional Youth Basketball League stand for.

Greg Johnson was a man we, as coaches, commissioners, referees, parents, and players can look up to, and be thankful for the time he spent with us.

Greg Johnson
1957 - 2000

We dedicate these games in his memory.

The Greg Johnson Player Recognition Day  February 15, 2015

Coaches select individuals based upon some of the criteria listed below;

1) Effort,
2) Attending practices and games,
3) Team play,
4) Sportsmanship

All coaches will be asked by their commissioner to submit the names of two players that will be able to attend the game. In order to have 10 players on a team Commissioners will decide how the teams will be divided and add extra players if needed. All players will be introduced prior to the game and will play a regular game with substitutions at each 5-minute interval.

This should be a fun day and coaches who are asked by their Commissioners to coach the respective teams should "Remember, it's for the kids."