Why we need your email address

Coaches may communicate with you by phone but the league only communicates with you through emails.  With 900 players in our league phone calls are impractical, mail is too expensive, and both require more manpower than we have since we are all volunteers.  We are always available on the phone should you need to speak to us in person.  Here is our email policy and why we need your email address. 

HRYBL "Safe" Email Policy

1) We will never give your email address to anyone other than a coach, commissioner or league representative.
     It will be kept private.

2) We will never send you an email where others can see your Email Address.
     We send individual separate Emails.

3) We will only send you Emails with attachments at registration time and when absolutely necessary.

4) We send email messages only to inform you of:
     a) Important announcements.
     b) Reminder emails of important upcoming dates.
     c) Reminder emails of player evaluation dates (tryouts).
     d) Notification of schedule changes.
     e) Notification of cancellations.
     f) Lost and found assistance.
     g) League information.

5) We will never send you non-league related emails.

6) We will remove your email address at your request anytime.