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Each year, WHLL recognizes players, coaches, and volunteers who go above and beyond by demonstrating sportsmanship, volunteering their time on and off the field, and helping to promote the league's Positive Coaching Alliance goals.


Franklin Award

This annual award recognizes one 12-year-old from each Majors Division team who is a hard worker in practice and games, is an enthusiastic player, supports their teammates, puts the team's goal ahead of personal goals, displays good sportsmanship, and enjoys playing the game of baseball.

2022 - Pending

2021 - Pending

2020 - Ronan Culligan, Liam Heaney, Gabe Martin, Matty Panarella, Caasey Pyrro and Andrew Weiss

2019 - Armen Arakelian, Jordan Baitch, Calvin Cianflone, Sean Fay, Carter Ivens, Ben Kirschner, Charlie Muro and Cameron Thomas

2018 - Jacob Giangreco, Ben Gwiazdoski, Nick Hall, Conner Mayr, Adam Merritt, Rune Moyer, Henry O'Connor and Lucas Pyrro

2017 - Joe Dooley, Connor Lafferty, Tommy LaSpada, Carter Morton, Willie Patchen, Grant Walters and Michael Weiss

2016 - Nick Udell, Joey LaSpada, James McPhee, Jack Wenz, Cayden Goldberg, Josh Castro, Aidan Dorian, Alex Bolio, Patrick Hemingway and Gavin Belcher

2015 - Alex Mogel, Justin Albee, Oliver Woodward, Sean Guevera, Max Hassan, Paul Verner, Brian Puleo, Luis Vargas, Emmett Coco and Patrick Sullivan


LaRosa Award

This annual award recognizes one 12-year-old from the Majors Division who has shown improvement throughout their years in the league, listens, learns from coaches, has demonstrated team leadership, and is respectful of coaches, teammates and the game.

2022 - Dylan Albert and Owen Bischof

2021 - Pending

2020 - Liam Heaney

2019 - Calvin Cianflone

2018 - Lucas Pyrro

2017 - Carter Morton and Michael Weiss

2016 - James McPhee

2015 - Sean Guevera


Founders Award

This annual award goes to a person in the WHLL who exemplifies and follows the mission of the WHLL, which is set forth below, adheres to the concept of "everybody plays," and understands that a major goal of the WHLL is not to develop hall of fame players but to develop life long fans of the game of baseball.


It is the mission of West Hartford Little League to provide an opportunity for all West Hartford boys and girls ages 4 through 12 to participate meaningfully in the sport of baseball,to learn the rules and strategies of the game, to learn sportsmanship and respect for their fellow players and coaches and to have fun. West Hartford Little League recognizes that the best interests of the children should be of primary importance and the League should be structured and operated in such a manner so that it is fair to all children and coaches involved.

This awards is given by the league's founders: Scott, Mark & Ronit

2022 - Pending

2021 - Pending

2020 - Pending

2019 - Mike Culligan

2018 - Jon Coss and Dan Weiss

2017 - John Kumpa

2016 - Rob Howe

2015 - John Kumpa and Ed Pyrro

2014 - Jeff Eden and Jim Wimpe

2013 - Danielle Weiss

2012 - Joe Giangreco


Heart & Soul Award

This annual award goes to a WHLL volunteer who goes above and beyond their designated duties, whose services to the league come straight from the heart and soul, and whose personal interests are always subordinate to the best interests of the league. Ronit Shoham, a founder of the league, and who epitomizes the heart and soul of the league, is the impetus behind this award.

2022 - Pending

2021 - Pending

2020 - Pending

2019 - Chuck Wusterbarth

2018 - Mary Himmelstein and Ed Pyrro

2017 - Jeff Cianflone, Scott LaRock and Ed Lafferty

2016 - Dan LaBreck and Kevin Bracken

2015 - Scott LaRock and Maribeth Navin

2014 - John Wenz

2013 - Jeff Cianflone and Joe Teodoro

2012 - Mike Cass and Mike Lage


Workhorse Award

This annual award goes to a person in the WHLL whose hard work, dedication and attention to detail is above and beyond normal expectations. This award is given in honor of Mark Baral, a Founder and long time Treasurer of the WHLL.

2022 - Pending

2021 - Pending

2020 - Pending

2019 - Monica Gold and Jeff Schaible

2018 - Dave Goldberg and Chris Nelson

2017 - Scott MacGilpin, John LaSpada and AJ Lemieux

2016 - Jonathan Coss and Scott MacGilpin

2015 - John LaSpada

2014 - Danielle Weiss

2013 - Doug Newhouse

2012 - Mike Fox


PCA Award

This annual award goes to a person in the WHLL who exemplifies, follows and implements the the principals of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and who understands that the score of a game is clearly secondary to the adherence to PCA principals.

2022 - Pending

2021 - Pending

2020 - Pending

2019 - Andy Riddle

2018 - Lee Gold, Matt Gwiazdoski, Ken Horenstein and Chelsea Turner

2017 - Brian Berry, Jon Coss and Chris Cykley

2016 - John LaSpada

2015 - Brian Heaney

2014 - Andrew Golden and Joe Giangreco

2013 - Jeff Bridgman

2012 - Matt Brucell