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Board Contacts

Contact the Manager Agent at if you have any questions or issues for the LGSA board. If the Manager Agent doesn't know the answer, he or she will find someone that does.

Team Volunteers

Contact your players after the mandatory waiting period and schedule a team meeting as soon as possible.

To help you focus on managing and coaching to the best of your abilities, we recommend that you enlist parent volunteers for the positions listed below. These are all volunteer positions, but it can be rewarding to the parents and can help to create a smooth season for both coaches and the players.

Banner Responsible for ordering team banner. Remember to include your team
sponsor's logo on the banner.
Dug Out Parent Female 21 years of age or over. Assist players with catcher's gear, helps
to keep players aware of batting order, and where players are scheduled
to play on the field.
Field Clean-up Day February 22nd - At least 1 to 2 parents from the team to assist with preparing
your field for the season. Includes raking fields, distributing dirt, weeding
and base prep.
Field Prep Between Saturday games, parents from both teams can prep the fields with
minor brooming.
Fundraising Assist with the team raffle baskets for Opening Day Ceremonies. This is our main fundraiser of the
season and mandatory for each team.
Pictures Coordinates distribution of photo packets and pick-up and delivery of photos
to team.
Publicity Responsible for submitting the team's game results for publicity (could also
be done by the scorekeeper).
Scorekeeper Keeps score for the team and updates official pitch count binder if necessary.
Snacks If you want organized snacks after games, this volunteer schedules the team families to bring snacks.
Team Parent Coordinates the season-end party. Also typically acts as the point of contact
for communication from manager and coaches to the team.


Refer to the age group pages for game rules:

Clinic Information

California Fastpitch will be providing our clinics this season. Contact if you have questions.

Player Training

Pitching Clinics

LGSA will conduct pitching clinics for 12 girls per session (13 girls for 7U/8U). Each session is approximately 30 minutes of pitching and 15 minutes for questions and turnover to next age group. Each pitcher will be responsible for bringing their own catcher, preferably a Manager or Coach so that they can pick up on instruction details, but a parent is OK.

Session Dates:

  • February 8, 15, 22
  • March 8, 15, 22, 29
  • April 12, 19, 26

Session Times:

  • 7U/8U - 11-11:45am
  • 9U/10U - 11:45am-12:30pm
  • MS - 12:30-1:15pm

Catching Clinics

LGSA will conduct catching clinics for 12 girls per session (13 for 7U/8U). Each session is approximately 45 minutes and appropriate for age level. Each catcher will be responsible for bringing their own catcher's equipment, as coordinated by the team manager.

Session Dates:

  • February 8, 15, 22
  • March 8

Session Times:

  • 7U/8U - 11-11:45am
  • 9U/10U - 11:45am-12:30pm
  • MS - 12:30-1:15pm

Coaches will submit players for the clinics in their age group the week prior to each clinic date.


Uniform kits consist of a jersey, sweatshirt and practice t-shirt. You will select your jersey color during the draft. Sweatshirt colors match the jersey color as closely as possible. Your team is responsible for buying and coordinating colors for pants, socks, undershirts, etc.

Jerseys have the league logo on the front and a number 1 through N on the back. Teams cannot request specific jersey numbers. You can add player last names or nicknames to the jerseys at your own expense; first names are not allowed.

Sweatshirts have the league logo on the front and your team’s sponsor logo on the back.

After teams are formed, the uniform coordinator will provide one last chance for parents to review the size information on record for their player. Jerseys and practice t-shirts will be passed out prior to the start of games. Sweatshirts may not be ready at the time games start.

Jerseys will be ready prior to the first games. Sweatshirts may take a little longer.

Team Sponsor and Raffle Basket

Each team is asked to find a sponsor for their team sweatshirts. In return for the sponsor’s tax-deductible donation of $300 to LGSA, the league will create logo artwork (if necessary), post the sponsor’s logo and corporate description on the league web site, and have the sponsor’s logo silkscreened on the backs of your team’s sweatshirts.

Each team is also required to assemble a raffle basket for Opening Day. Your players will not need to sell raffle tickets. Please delegate this responsibility to a parent on your team.
These are the league’s only fundraisers!


LGSA rents fields from Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) and Livermore Area Recreation & Parks District (LARPD). Both districts have certain guidelines that are required by California Education Code and within their liability requirements. Please ensure we do not jeopardize our use of these fields by communicating these guidelines to your team parents and spectators!


Joe Michell Parking:

  • PLEASE park in the school parking lot and in front of the school on Elaine Avenue. The west side blacktop will also be open for parking.
  • PLEASE observe that there is only ONE way into the east side parking lot – through the drive directly in front of the school office building.
  • PLEASE observe that the after school daycare (ESS) has marked parking spots to allow parents to pick up their children until the daycare closes at 6pm.
  • PLEASE do not park illegally (ESS zones, red zones, handicapped, fire lanes, etc.). You will be ticketed or towed at your own expense.
  • NO PARKING ON EL DORADO DRIVE (East Side) OR WAGONER DRIVE (West Side) near the catwalks to the fields. These catwalks are locked at all times.

Contact Dan Figlenski at if you have any questions about fields. See this page for the locations of LGSA fields; click on the field name to see the address and map.

Field Day

February 22, 2015 - Field preparation is required to ensure fields are in the best condition for play. Preparation includes raking fields, distributing dirt, weeding, base prep, etc. Teams must provide 1-2 parents to assist with this effort.

Game Day Setup and Cleanup

HOME TEAM takes the third base dugout and is responsible for setting up the bases and pitching rubber. If it's the last game of the day, they are responsible for putting items away in the dugout lock box and making sure the lock box is locked! The league provides field prep prior to the first game on Saturdays. Every team is responsible for keeping fields, dugouts, and sidelines clean. This is extremely important for our continued usage of the school fields! Please respect the league rules.

Player of the Week Award

Please take a moment, weekly, to reflect on your players and the many attributes (other than just softball skills) that make them stars. Consider nominating a player that always displays excellent sportsmanship, attends all practices and games, and always gives 100% in whatever position she plays. Send an email to Tamie at explaining why you feel that this player should receive the "LGSA Player of the Week" award. Every manager must submit a nomination every Wednesday by 12 noon!

Winners receive a certificate and a gift card for the snack shack. Photos of the winners will be added to the web site and the snack shack monitor each week.

Rain Out Procedures


The league must notify the Umpire Association by 3:00pm if games will be canceled. Therefore, at 3pm, the LGSA line (925-344-6464), Facebook page and website will have a message indicating which fields are closed. Managers are responsible for checking the LGSA line and relaying information to their teams. If, at 3pm, the decision is to proceed with games, it will be a game time decision made by the umpires. For T-ball/7U/8U, it will be a game time decision made by the team managers.


The league must notify the Umpire Association by 7:30am if games will be canceled. Therefore, at 7:30am, the LGSA line (925-344-6464), Facebook page and website will have a message indicating which fields are closed. Managers are responsible for checking the LGSA line and relaying information to their teams. The LGSA line will be updated throughout the day if rain occurs later in the day. Managers call the line! NOTE: The LGSA line is the determining factor for ALL games/fields. Managers MUST check the LGSA line and not the LARPD line for game/field status.

Reporting Standings (9U, 10U & MS)

The home team is responsible for reporting game scores within 72 hours of the game. Scores will be entered on the league web site by managers or team parents. The game's official scorekeeper is responsible for taking a binder from the snack shack, recording each pitcher's innings, and ensuring both managers sign the book to verify that the counts are correct.


  1. The LGSA President has the authority to remove or reprimand league personnel including board members, parents, spectators, and players whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the best interest of LGSA. Any person reprimanded has the right of appeal and review before a quorum of the board within seven days.
  2. No one, other than LGSA players, coaches, managers, or umpires is allowed on the playing field during games. Players and subs should remain in the dugout area unless playing defense on the field. No player should leave the dugout without permission from the coach or manager. Only managers, coaches, players, scorekeepers, and team parent are allowed in the dugout.
  3. Any player who throws their bat, mitt, or helmet in anger or disgust when batting will be automatically out, the ball is dead, no runners advance. The second occurrence in the same game will cause all of the above plus the player's ejection from the game. If the umpire feels the first time is flagrant, they may eject the player immediately, without warning.
  4. No offensive player may remove their helmet while on base or on her way to the dugout. The player will automatically be called out. The helmet cannot be removed intentionally, unless the umpire has called time out.
  5. A player may be benched for a game for disciplinary action or for missing an excessive number of practices or games without good reason. She must be given a warning by the manager or AGC before being dismissed.
  6. Positive cheering is encouraged. Negative cheering will not be tolerated.
  7. The manager is responsible for the conduct of themselves, their coaches, players, and players' parents and the spectators.
  8. Code of Conduct will be addressed when necessary. 1st Step Warning, 2nd Step suspension of game, 3rd Step banned for remainder of season. Applies to board members, managers, coaches, players, parents and guardians.
  9. Any coach or manager that is ejected from a game must serve a one game suspension for the next game in the schedule.


Each manager must keep a team binder with him or her at all team practices, clinics and games. The binder should include emergency contacts and any information related to special circumstances such as allergies or medication.

Safety of the players and parents is our top priority. In an emergency situation, find the parent and call 911 immediately. Notify the Board Member on Duty of any accidents. Medical claim forms are located in the Snack Shack.

Managers must follow these safety guidelines:

  1. All catchers must wear the appropriate safety equipment (helmet, mask, chest protector, shin guards) anytime she catches a pitch.
  2. Conditioning - Managers and coaches should provide a thorough program for physical conditioning, including calisthenics, and running as part of each workout. This reduces accidents and injuries and contributes to safety.
  3. Conduct - Managers and coaches should maintain the kind of discipline that will minimize horseplay and reduce the kind of accidents that result from undisciplined conduct.
  4. Fields - Before each practice and game, the fields should be checked for holes, wet spots, glass, or other debris that could contribute to an accident. Make sure the bases are securely fastened.
  5. It's MANDATORY that each player have an approved NOCSAE batting helmet with face mask with chin straps on their batting helmets in order to play for the 2012 season. No exceptions.
  6. Softball cleats must be worn by all players.