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Uniform Laundry & Care Instructions



          All garments should be washed on GENTLE CYCLE.

          Wash with COLD WATER ONLY. Hot or warm water can and will cause bleeding of fabrics & inks.

          USE ONLY mild soaps & detergents without any colorsafe bleach.

          DO NOT use any bleach products, including colorsafe bleaches of any kind, or fabric softeners.

          DO NOT soak garments.

          Wash all garments separately from any other colors.

          Remove garments from washer promptly and dry immediately on low setting.



          To prevent bleeding, all garments should be removed from washer promptly & dry immediately on LOW setting.

          Remove garments from dryer promptly.



          DO NOT dry clean any garment.



          DO NOT iron any garment



          All garments should be completely dry before storing.

          Store in cool dry area, protected from sunlight and fluorescent light to prevent mildew and yellowing.