Bay Ridge Brooklyn Baseball St Anselm Softball


“A successful athletic program is evaluated not in terms of victory or defeat, but in light of the degree that each athlete becomes a better person.”


As the parents, coaches and role models we ask that you:

•        Encourage fairness, compassion, truth and cooperation through recreational activities

•        Encourage and challenge our youth to participate and serve those needier in their community

•        Encourage a respect for authority

•        Encourage self-control in the face of adversity

•        Encourage the growth of each competitor as a player and avoid a “win at all cost” attitude

•        Encourage a lack of tolerance of prejudice in any form


For Coaches and Parents:

·        No arguing with umpires over judgement calls

·        Treat the players on both teams with respect

·        Focus on positive reinforcement and lead by example


For Players:

·        Be a good teammate and respect each others abilities and contributions

·        No arguing with umpires, coaches or other players

·        No inappropriate display of anger (no throwing bats or helmets)

·        No taunting the other players or chanting when the pitcher is in motion

·        Line up to greet the opposing players after each game, win or lose