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Player Safety

Arlington Little League's number one goal is for your children to have fun playing baseball in a safe environment. We have clear safety rules. For example:
  • We prohibit any player other than the batter from swinging a bat;
  • We require all batters, base-runners, and youth base coaches to wear batting helmets;
  • Players leaving the bench to go to the bathroom or elsewhere must be accompanied by a buddy or responsible adult;
  • We have pitch count limits that in some cases are stricter than Little League International requirements; and
  • When lightning is seen in the area, play must stop for 30 minutes and all players must take cover in cars or a garage (not in the dugouts).
We train our coaches and umpires on these important safety rules, and we invite each of you to help us enforce them at all times.
We also conduct annual background checks on all our coaches and other league volunteers. While we do not perform background checks for non-volunteers, such as for parents or guardians of the players, we encourage you to do your own safety checks if concerns arise. Below are some helpful links that you should consult as part of your own safety education and efforts to protect your kids:
  Our children are our most cherished gifts. Let's all do our part to keep them safe.