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Changing Sides
Teams change sides after 22 minutes and Officials will verify score before 2nd half begins.

Length of Game

Playing time shall be two 22 minute halves, running time. Two additional minutes will be put onto the second half and only the last two minutes are stop time. 


A player can blitz from the outside as long as he is lined straight up with one of the receivers. When the ball is snapped the defender can then blitz from the outside to the quarterback. Anyone can blitz within one yard and in from the tackles of the offensive team. The player blitzing from within one yard from the tackles has to be lined up on the line prior to blitzing.

Backward Passes and Fumbles

Any ball that is fumbled during a down will be dead by rule once it has touched the ground. A backward pass may be caught or intercepted by any player inbounds and advanced. A player may not intentionally throw a backward pass out of bounds to conserve time or to avoid being downed. This will be penalized an illegal pass: loss of 3 yards, loss of down and the clock will start on the ready for play. Once a ball has touched the ground the ball is considered dead.

Pass Interference

Any contact that, in the view of the official, interferes with the attempt to catch a pass(offensive or defensive player) is pass interference unless, in the view of the official, it occurs when two or more eligible receivers make a simultaneous and bona fide attempt to reach, catch, or bat a pass. It is also pass interference if an eligible receiver is deflagged or touched prior to touching the ball on a pass thrown beyond the offense's line of scrimmage

  • Timing/Overtime
  • Each team will receive 3 plays to end the TIE. A kick in overtime CAN be returned for a score.
  • If after each possession, neither team has scored, the game will result in a tie.
  • Exception: Playoffs - each team will receive a 3 down series and this will continue until the tie is broken.
  • Snaps
  • Each time the ball is spotted, a team has 25 seconds to snap the ball. The 25 second clock will start when the official blows the whistle.
  • (Play can't start until the official blows the whistle. Teams will receive one warning with 10 seconds left before a delay of game penalty is enforced.
  • Running
  • Spinning is allowed, but players cannot leave their feet to avoid a defensive player. NO DIVING OR JUMPING.
  • Defense
  • Forcing a player out of bounds is ILLEGAL. Stripping the ball is ILLEGAL. A defensive player shall not hold, grasp, or obstruct the forward progress of the runner when attempting to remove the flag belt, Once the offensive player has possession of the ball the defender cannot try to rip at the ball, this will be called holding on the defense. When any team is on defense, they must have at least three men on the line of scrimmage and they may be no more than one yard outside of the linemen. There is one bump coverage allowed on the receivers.
  • Offense
  • When any team is on offense, they must have at least three players on the line of scrimmage. Players attempting to discuss plays or calls - detaining the official - will result in a delay of game.
  • Captains on the field have the right to question officials or call a time out for a ruling.


Any player that is ejected will sit out the rest of that game and the next game. Any player that is ejected twice in a season shall not play the rest of the season. Any player starting a fight or swinging a punch shall not play the rest of the season.