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A. To promote sportsmanship and the true spirit of competition.

B. To promote health, social, education and character development.

C. To help teach and develop fundamental skills and techniques to

further one’s abilities in the sport of basketball.

D. To create activities to assist in the elimination of juvenile delinquency.



A. The governing body of the ICBL shall consist of an executive committee, which

includes a President, Vice President, Webmaster, and playoff director.

B. The governing body will convene at least twice prior to the season and anytime

deemed necessary after that, with a final meeting before playoffs.



A. Any organization of good repute regardless of race, color, creed, sect, or religion

may apply for membership in the ICBL.

B. Township recreation teams only may apply.

C. Territorial Boundaries: A town will have exclusive rights on all players within

either the township’s recreation program or the territorial boundaries of the

township’s public high school.

I. The ICBL executive committee has the right to allow special dispensation to

players and/or teams regarding boundary exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

i. Any previous exceptions or special dispensation cases allowed DO

NOT constitute a precedent for future consideration.

ii. All requests will be judged on their own merits and circumstances.

iii. There is NO appeal process but the ICBL executive committee does

reserve the right to ask for organizational member approval during

normal meetings.

D. Only one organization per town may be admitted.

I. In cases where multiple townships feed a single public high school, those

townships may pool their programs and compete as a single organization.

II. If townships do not want to pool their programs they can apply for member

ship BUT all players must reside in the same township and live in the public

high school sending area.

III. The ICBL executive committee has the right to allow special dispensation to

organizations for admittance into the league on a case-by-case basis.

i. Any previous special dispensation cases allowed DO NOT

constitute a precedent for future consideration.

E. The registered township must have a home gym consisting of either a school

gymnasium or Township recreation facility gymnasium.

I. Each team must supply 8 homes dates for Junior and Senior teams and 6

home dates for 4th grade teams. For those teams that only play on Saturday

or Sunday, they MUST supply 2 alternate home game dates that are not a

Saturday or Sunday. If that is not possible the team in question will likely

play more away games.



A. ICBL shall be made up of three divisions:

I. 4th Grade: 4th grade A and B divisions.

II. JUNIORS: 5th and 6th grade A, B, and C divisions.

III.SENIORS: 7th and 8th grade A, B, and C divisions.

B. A roster can consist of no more than 15 players.

C. Each player must wear the assigned uniform.

I. In the event of 2 teams having a similar uniform color the HOME team will

be required to wear pennies.

II. Any number between 00-99 can be used.

D. Any violation of player eligibility will result in forfeiture of all games.

E. All teams must submit the official ICBL roster. No other rosters will be


I. All rosters must be submitted no later than the final ICBL organization

meeting prior to the start of the season. Changes to the roster will be allowed

until the first scheduled regular season game and MUST be submitted in

writing to the Executive Committee. The executive committee MUST

approve all roster changes BEFORE the additions are eligible to play.

i. Late roster submissions are subject to a $10 fine per roster, which

includes missing information, and are subject to approval. ALL roster

fines must be paid before the team is eligible to start the season.

ii. Primary roster submission will be electronically, using the approved

roster form. ALL rosters submitted electronically will send a

confirmation e-mail receipt to the coaches’ e-mail address.

II. Rosters will not be considered complete until ALL information for every

player in entered on the roster form. Incomplete rosters will be return to the


III. In cases of injury or scholastic eligibility a township can petition the

executive committee to modify the roster, if the team in question can field 6

or fewer players. All eligibility standards must still be met.



A. SENIOR DIVISION – Any team with 3 or more 8th graders must play in the “A”


B. JUNIOR DIVISION - Any team with 3 or more 6th graders must play in the “A”


C. If you feel that you can’t compete in an assigned division, you may petition the

executive committee to play in a lower division. The decision of the executive

committee will be final.

D. In keeping with a competitive environment the executive committee reserves the

right to move teams to a higher division or lower division.

I. Any changes will occur during the winter holiday break.

II. The retention of record and placement within the playoffs will be at the

discretion of the ICBL.



A. There will be a NON-REFUNDABLE franchise fee of $75.00 per team payable

to the ICBL prior to the start of the season.

B. All teams are responsible for their actions both at home and away.

C. Any team receiving any fines must reimburse the league before any continued

league play.

D. Any team forfeiting a game will be responsible for paying the referees fees and a

$10.00 fine for the first offense, $25.00 for the second offense, and expulsion

from the league on the third offense. THIS INCLUDES UNAUTHORIZED



E. Referee fees are $40.00 per team per game. Fees are paid directly to the referee

before the start of every game.



A. All games must be started within 15 minutes of the scheduled

game time. If either team is unable to field a 5-player team, the game is

forfeited and a forfeiting team is responsible for all fees and fines.

B. ICBL President or ICBL Executive committee prior to making any attempt to

reschedule the game with the opposing team must approve all schedule change

requests. The league will determine if the reason for the schedule request is valid.

Both teams and the league must approve the final schedule change.

C. All scheduled games must be completed by the date established and announced

by the ICBL executive committee at the final organization meeting prior to the

start of the season.

D. Any games postponed with the approval of the ICBL executive committee must

be scheduled to be made-up within 7 days of the cancellation of the scheduled

game. The team requesting the postponement shall play at the convenience of

their opponent. Any delays in re-scheduling the postponed game must be

approved by the ICBL executive committee. The ICBL executive committee

reserves the right to award a forfeit win to either team at the discretion of the

ICBL executive committee, if attempts to re-schedule the game are unsuccessful.

I. Forfeits will be awarded for any unscheduled games at the end of each

month. If a forfeit has been awarded it cannot be made up at a later date.

i. Forfeits will be awarded without the consultation of coaches, if the

games are not made up within the guidelines set forth above.

ii. There is NO appeal process once a forfeit has been awarded.

E. All playoff games must be completed no later than Sunday of the second

weekend in March, weather permitting.



A. Standings will be kept on a point system.

1. 3 points for a win.

2. 1 point for a loss.

3. 0 point for a forfeit, an unauthorized cancellation, or a cancelled game not

made up.

B. Tie Breakers.

1. Winning Percentage

2. Total Points

3. Head to Head

4. Points Allowed

5. Coin Flip



A. All games will be played with a women’s size 28.5 basketball.

B. 4th Grade Division

I. High School Rules with the following modifications.

II. NO Press or backcourt defense.

III.10 point or more lead defense must play behind the 3-point line.

IV. Last 10 seconds of game clock does not start until ball crosses into the


V. Free Throws: Shooter must start behind the line and can carry across;

shooter cannot rebound the ball.

VI. 12 Game season starting 1st Saturday in January.

i. Season may start the week after New Year’s, based upon gym time


C. Junior C Division

I. High School Rules with the following modifications.

II. Full Court press allowed only in the last 4 minutes of each half.

III. No pressing with a 15-point or greater lead.

IV. Free throw shooter must remain behind the line, no exceptions.

D. Junior B Division

I. High School Rules with the following modifications.

II. Full Court press allowed only in the last 4 minutes of each half.

III.No pressing with a 15-point or greater lead.

IV. Free throw shooter must remain behind the line, no exceptions.

E. Junior A Division

I. High School Rules with the following modifications.

II. Full court press allowed at all times, no pressing with a 15-point or greater


III.Free throw shooter must remain behind the line.

F. Senior divisions will play official high school rules with no modifications.

G. Playing times: ALL DIVISIONS: 16 minute halves

H. Overtime: 3 minutes - one timeout. Timeouts cannot be carried into overtime.

I. Stopped clock. NO RUNNING CLOCK! ! !

J. Last names of players must be entered in scorebook.

K. Time outs. (3) Full and (2) 30 seconds.

L. The winning coach must report the score of the game to ICBLscores@gmail.com

within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

I. If the score has not been posted within 48 hours, the losing coach should

report the score.

II. If the score has not been reported within 1 week from the date of the game,

the winning coach will be subject to a $5 fine. All fines must be paid to be

eligible for post-season play.


A. Any team wishing to cancel and reschedule a game must first have it approved

by the executive board.

B. When calling with request, you must:

I. Have the approval of both teams involved.

II. State the reason of both teams involved.

i. Valid reasons for rescheduling a game DO NOT include conflicts

with other sports games during the basketball season.

ii. Conflicts with school teams are a valid reason for rescheduling.

III.Have a date you will reschedule

C. If you have 5 players, you must play. If you cannot field a 5-player team, you

cannot cancel, you must forfeit. If you cancel the referees beforehand, you will

only be responsible for the fine.

D. Cancellation requests should be made to: Richard Schmidt (856) 273-9055

E. The head coach of the team canceling the game is responsible for notifying the

referee assignor of the game cancellation, after approval from the league.

I. Failure to notify the referee assignor will result in the team cancelling the

game to be responsible for both referee fees and cancellation fine

(38+38+10=86) for first offense.

II. The league will not cover referee fees for cancelled games.

F. Snow Emergency Procedures

I. Once you know your facility is closed, please contact Kirk Kessler, referee

assignor at: Phone: (609) 670-0879

II. Contact the coach of the team you are scheduled to play.

III.Contact league official to re-schedule

IV. When submitting your score to the Web Page, please refer to the original

date the game was scheduled to be played.



The ICBL considers good sportsmanship and fair play to be of great importance.

Respect for referees, opponents and the sport of basketball must be exhibited at all

times by coaches, players and team supporters. It is the responsibility of each coach

to control himself, his team and the supporters of the team.

At game sites, the referees have absolute control of spectators’, players’, and

coaches’ behavior. If for any reason a spectator, coach or player is asked by a

referee to leave the gym and does not do so immediately, the referee will have the

authority to end the game, awarding the win to the other team. If a team is involved

in more than one such incident during the season, then that team may be removed

from the league and forfeit it’s remaining games.