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Field Mechanics Clinics

first-year umpires are required to attend a Field Mechanics Clinic.  This clinic is done on the Ball Field, and goes over the needed fundamentals of how to umpire a game. You cannot be a beginning umpire for SRUA unless you attend a Field Mechanics Clinic.

Date and Time for SRUA Beginning Mechanics

Saturday, 2/20 9-12:30 Pine Valley Middle School Fields 1 & 2. If it rains we will have the Clinic at Bollinger Canyon Elementary School Multipurpose room. Same date and time. An email will be sent out if we are moving locations due to rain.

We will also be distributing
hats, and shirts which is required to wear when umpiring.

Field Mechanics Clinics in Other Cities

There will be other Field Mechanics Clinics you can attend if you cannot make our Clinic.  


Please email if you need to attend one of these Clinics so we can let them know.

Saturday 2/6 8-12:
00am Sycamore Park Field 4 Danville

Tuesday 3/1 5-9:
00pm Dublin Sports Grounds. NOTE: If can only attend this clinic
you will not be able to umpire until after you attend this clinic.

Classroom Training

We want to see all our
first year umpires attend the Beginning Rules Clinic. We will be passing out rule books, and going over how you will self assign

Date and Time for SRUA Beginning Rules Clinic




San Ramon Umpire's Association is now recruiting umpires for the 2016 Baseball season!


If you are interested in becoming an umpire (you must be 12 years old by 4/29/16) please go to our website at www.srua.com, download the Umpire application form, and mail the completed form to the address at the top of the form.  We are also looking for Father / Son (or Daughter) partners to join as well. Umpiring is a great way to learn the rules of the game, and earn a paycheck as well.  The deadline to enroll is February 12th so please mail your applications  ASAP.  We look forward to having you as part of our association.

Training dates:  

Wednesday 2/17 Bollinger Canyon Middle School Multi purpose room 7-9:00  please arrive at 6:45


Beginning Mechanics Clinic Saturday 2/20 9-12:30 Pine Valley Middle School Fields.  Please arrive about 8:45.