San Francisco Riptide Lacrosse Club is a non profit youth lacrosse organization serving boys and girls ages 6-14 in the greater San Francisco area.



The San Francisco Riptide heavily relies on the contribution of parents to assist in the operations at the club as well as the team level.   

Board Members

We are consistently looking for parents to augment our board as we continue our 12 years of service to the youth lacrosse community of San Francisco.   The SF Riptide Board is consistently evolving as members join and retire after their commitments.   We generally look for a 2 year commitment and have various positions that can be filled immediately or assigned as a title in training.  If you are willing to volunteer your time as a board member or would simply like to find out ways you can help, please contact our Club President at


We also have opportunities at the team level for the season or per game.   They include the following:


Parent /Team Manager Responsibilities (Season):

  • Acts as primary coordinator for team support

  • Acts as the primary contact person for team parents regarding schedule changes and any other critical team information and disseminates to parents via email, voicemail, etc.

  • Recruits other team parents for key tasks and fills in where necessary

  • Checks in with coaches on regular basis to ensure they have the necessary support

  • Distributes uniforms to players at beginning of season.Collects all uniforms at end of season, accounting for 100% and return to Uniform Manager one week after the last game


Field Set-Up / Take-Down Responsibilities (Per Home Game):

  • Applies only if your team plays the FIRST or LAST HOME GAME of the day

  • Field Set-Up for first game of the day – Pick up from Rick Herrick’s garage the morning of or night before the game one table and 2 chairs & game box. Deliver to field 30 minutes before game starts and set up on sidelines.

  • Field Take-Down for the last game of the day – Return table, chairs and game box to Rick’s house after last game. 


Scorekeeper Responsibilities (Per Game):

  • Keeps official score at home and some away games.

  • Arrive at field at least 20 minutes before game starts to set up score sheet with players’ names, numbers and positions for both teams.

  • Provide white copy to head coach of home team and yellow copy to coach of visitor’s team

  • The scoring sheets have instructions on how to input scores.


Timekeeper Responsibilities (Per Home Game):

  • Keeps official time of both the game and any penalties called

  • Communicate with referees at 2 and 1 minute marks prior to end of quarters (referees will go over this with you before game starts)


Side Line Manager Responsibilities (Per Home Game):

  • Assures spectators are seated only along the side opposite the side reserved for players and coaches and approximately six yards away from the sideline and never behind the end lines

  • Assures field and surrounding area is clean before and after the game.Recruits other parents and players to pick up trash as necessary.Assures field is clean for next team user.


Water & Snack Coordinator Responsibilities (Per Game - Optional):

  • Puts together team schedule for providing water and to a more limited degree healthy snacks for games.

  • We are trying to minimize trash impact at the field so we are encouraging players to bring their own water in reusable stainless steel or nalgene bottles.You may want to bring a few extra bottles for players who forget to bring their own.