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2021 CLASH FOR THE CUP (Updated May 4th 2021):

Tournament Setup/Rules/Playoffs
1. AGE and ELIGIBILITY: All Teams are expected to follow US Lacrosse age and eligibility guidelines.
Dates of birth are collected on tournament waivers.
2. WAIVERS: All players must have a waiver to play. Only a limited number of waivers will be available
at the tournament. It is imperative for coaches to confirm each participant has completed a waiver.
3. POOL GAMES: Each team will play four 40-minute games consisting of two 20-minute halves and
a 5-minute halftime. Teams will switch sides at halftime.
RUNNING CLOCK: Time will be kept centrally at Tournament HQ and by referees.
4. AUTOMATIC FORFEITS: Games start promptly at the time indicated! There is a 5-minute break
between games. Horn will sound a 2-minute warning before each game. Teams must be ready
to take the field immediately upon the completion of the preceding game on the field.
Any team that does not report to their game on time will forfeit that game.
5. TIMEOUTS: Each team has two 45-second timeouts. Clock does NOT stop. No timeout may be
taken in final 2 minutes.
6. PENALTIES: Penalized players must serve (except goalie); penalty time kept by
officials/volunteers on the field.
7. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions permitted on dead ball situations on sidelines (not end lines); all
other substitutions will be conducted “on-the-fly” by coaches of each team. Officials will be
monitoring appropriate numbers of players on the field as usual.
8. ADVANCEMENT RULE: 20 second count to midline then 10 second count to advance into the box.
9. BOX RULE/AUTOMATIC STALLING: Winning team must keep ball in the offensive box during last two
minutes of play of each half.
10. TIES: Ties within Pool play are allowed. Ties will only be resolved in Championship games with a
sudden victory format: one 5-minute sudden victory overtime – the first team to score wins. If no
team scores in the 5-minute period, then Braveheart format begins (3v3 plus a goalie) until a winner
is decided.
11. CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: Each age group will advance two teams to a 40-minute Championship
Game consisting of two 20-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime. Seeding will be based on record;
then head-to-head; then goals allowed; then coin flip, if necessary.
RUNNING CLOCK, except for injuries: Time will be kept field-side for championships only to allow
for clock stoppages for injuries only.
Special Rules
play (even within five yards from a loose ball), as well as excessive force, roughness, checking or
hitting off the ball, constitutes unnecessary roughness and will result in a one-minute penalty.
Manheim Township Boys Youth Lacrosse Association expects tournament officials to "err" on the
side of safety. All coaches involved with teams in the tournament are expected to understand,
support and communicate our philosophy with regard to officiating and the promotion of player
safety. No One Handed Checks.
2. FOUL OUTS: A player will “foul out” of a game if they reach 5 min of penalties within a single game.
A foul out is not an ejection, and that player may play in the next game.
3. EJECTIONS: In the event of an ejection, the ejected player will be required to sit out the next game.
It will be at the discretion of the Tournament Marshall and/or Tournament Director in consultation
with Coaches, Referees, and Scorekeeper to extend this to the remainder of the tournament if player
safety is involved.
4. 10U only allows field players to use a crosse up to a length of 42” (no long poles)
a. Field size 70-yards-long by 40-yards-wide. (approx)
b. Full-sized crease.
c. On-field team size is 7v7 (includes goalie). No Hectors / Shot blockers allowed. Each team
must keep three players in its defensive end of the field and two players in its offensive
end of the field. All off-sides calls are administered with the same mechanics as NFHS/USL
10v10 lacrosse.
d. Faceoff: each team must have one goalie restrained within the crease, two defenders
retrained behind the goal-line extended (or alley line, if available), and two attackmen
restrained behind offensive GLE (or alley line). Each team has (up to) two midfielders
restrained with one foot on the small-field sideline (within 5 yards of midfield line) and
another midfielder taking the faceoff.
e. Players committing “time-serving” penalties of any nature must be substituted off the field
for at least one minute. There are no time-serving penalties.
f. PENALTIES: On restart, the penalized team’s attack are restrained at their GLE, one
midfielder is restrained at least five yards behind the player with the ball at center X and
the other midfielder on the intersection of the midline and sideline. The other offensive
midfield is restrained on the intersection of the midfield and sideline. This results in a
3v2 fast break for the offended team.
g. Penalized team’s goalie starts in crease. Penalized team’s D must be in the "hole" to start
the fast break.
5. Spectators or players will be asked to leave the field for improper behavior. Remember that all staff
members are volunteers.
In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the Tournament Marshall and/or
Tournament Director reserves the right to:
• Reduce game times in order to catch up with schedule
• Finish games before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions.
• Reschedule games, if possible.
THUNDER/LIGHTNING POLICY If thunder or lightning is observed play will be suspended immediately
and players and fans will be asked to leave the fields to return to cars. Play will be allowed to resume 20
minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed, which will be determined by
the Tournament Marshall and/or Tournament Director. Every attempt will be made to begin
subsequent games on time. Subsequent games will begin immediately after preceding games. These
games may consist of one 30 minute running time period until games are back on schedule. Once games
are back on schedule they will revert to “normal” tournament game time procedures.