A non-profit organization located in Stow, MA. Offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!

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Tips and advice:  So that everyone will have a great game.  


Before you get to the field:

Know the Laws of the Game and  ALL age group modifications

Make sure you KNOW who, where and what time you are officiating

Insure that you are dressed for success

Make sure you have your bag together (whistle, watch, wallet with cards, coin, pen/pencil, flags and any extra’s that might be needed –

socks, shirt, Under Armor, plastic bag for rain, jacket for rain or cold……and don’t forget H2O and snacks.

Make sure you have your assignor’s cell phone numbers



Get to the field 30 minutes before game start

Check the field

Check the goals

Check the flags

Greet the coaches

Check rosters, check in players, coaches and get signatures

        Not on the roster, then the player cannot play

Not on the roster, then the coach can not be on the team sideline

No MassYouth credentials, the coach can not be on the team sideline

Players must have shinguards - NO JEWELRY (medical alerts may be taped)


  Coin toss  -  Visitor calls - Ask the winner  -  Which end of the field would you like possession OR which goal would you like to ATTACK?

   Start the game on time



Clean and accurate hand signals – you are communicating

Loud and clear whistle – you are communicating

Stay with play so you can see all that is going on

Be decisive with your calls

Insist that subs come in from center and ONLY when you call them in

Crews keep eye contact and communicate with each other 

Talk to the players calmly/firmly    



  • Players – Remain calm with players, let them know that whatever is disruptive is unacceptable. If behavior continues caution the player and let the coach know what is going on.   If the player continues, then the player should be sent off.
  • Coaches – Talk to the coach, then caution, then send-off....replaces Ask, Tell, Dismiss as of 2019
  • Parents – Do not deal with parents – stop the game and have the coaches manage the parents.  If the behavior continues, feel free to abandon the game.


Post game:

Stay on the field at the center line to allow teams to congratulate each other and you

Confirm the scores with the coaches

Walk off the field, if a crew, walk off together

Report the score and any issues/cards