The league was established in 1958 as an organization formed to provide a program for the youth of the Pleasant Hill area in cooperation with the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District, the Mt. Diablo Unified School District and Diablo Valley College.


PHBA is an all volunteer youth Baseball and Softball league.

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LAFF - League Assistance Fund Fee

  • To encourage volunteer participation we have our League Assistance Fund Fee (LAFF) and Team Umpire Recruitment Incentive (TURI). Families who do not complete the required volunteer commitment will be required to pay a LAFF amount, separate from the annual registration fees. In addition, the TEAM will be required to pay a TURI fee in the case the 12 game umpire requirement is not fulfilled for the team.
  • The LAFF program requires a League Volunteer Commitment of 4 hours per child (maximum of 8 hours for two or more children per family) along with a refundable fee of $200 per child (with a maximum of $400 for two or more children).  As part of Registration, all families will be required to agree to a LAFF Fee, separate from the Registration fee, for which PHBA will “HOLD” checks, cash, or credit card information for this commitment.
  • Following the completion of a league volunteer commitment and a signed off LAFF form (see Sign Off section below) or authorized sign-up sheet, PHBA will either clear the credit card hold from League Athletics, return or shred checks held, refund cash held, or shred or return manual credit card receipts held.
  • If volunteer assignments are not completed, checks held will be deposited, cash held will not be refunded, all credit cards on hold with League Athletics or any manual credit card receipts will be charged by PHBA on June 15, 2020, “NO EXCEPTIONS”.  A $ 25.00 service fee will be assessed for all returned credit card charges or checks deposited.
  • Volunteer LAFF Sign Off Form

    You need to print out this form, fill it out and get it signed after full-filling your LAFF requirements.  Read below for more info.

TURI - Team Umpire Recruitement Incentive

  • All Girls and Boys Intermediate, Pioneer, American, National, and Western teams are required to provide at least 1 but no more than 3 volunteer team umpire(s) to meet the team's requirement of covering a minimum of 12 games out of the team's 16-game season.
  • Any team failing to provide at least one umpire will be required to pay an $800 TURI Fee per TEAM, separate from the Registration fee, for which PHBA will HOLD checks, cash, or credit card information for this commitment.  This fee is a team fee on a per player basis to incentivize teams to provide a parent, or two parents, as the team's volunteer umpire.  Releasing the hold for this fee will be dependent upon the team's volunteer umpire successfully meeting the duties, responsibilities, and deadlines established by the Chief Umpire and Umpire Leadership Team.

Opportunities for Volunteering

Team Volunteer Roles - Manager Sign-Off

  • Scorekeeper
  • (1) Scorekeepers are NOT required for Intermediate and Instructional Divisons.
  • (2) Scorekeeper must scorekeep every game or make sure the duties are done for every game including playoffs.
  • (3) Both the Home team scorekeeper and Visitors team scorekeeper are responsible for maintaining their team's scorebooks during games.  
  • (4)  The Home team scorekeeper is considered the Official Scorekeeper for the game.
  • (5) Scorekeeper must check with the Visitors team scorekeeper every inning to confirm pitch count (for baseball), innings pitched (for softball), and runs scored for the inning.
  • (6) The Home team scorekeeper is responsible for making sure the end-of-the-game score is correct and the scorebook is signed by both team managers and the umpires working the game.
  • (7) If scorekeeping for the first time, it is recommended the volunteer attend 1 of the 2 Scorekeeper clinics presented by PHBA.
  • Team Coordinator

  • (1) Work with manager and coach on team list & e-mails, coordinate practices, handle all volunteers on team to make sure they are doing their jobs right, snack schedule for games, team meetings.
  • (2) Collect money from each family for team basket, names on jerseys, coaches gifts for end of season party, etc. It's usually best to collect one amount for everything and the earlier the better.
  • (3) Be sure to give the basket volunteer the amount they need first, so they can get the basket done, and turned in on time.
  • (4) League Coordinator to sign off on the LAFF
  • (5) Coordinate with Photo Day Person and Basket Person.
  • Game Day Field Prep

  • (1) Chalk the field for every game 30 minutes before the game.
  • (2) It’s important that field prep person remove base rubber indicators and put back on base pegs after game (weeknights and last weekend games only). If not, manager will be called and have to come back to field.
  • (3) It’s up to field prep person to put bases away and lock knack box after the game (weeknights and last weekend games only).
  • (4) Fill in any holes in front of the pitching rubber and in the batters box, drag or rake the in-field (if needed), install bases
  • (5) For Boys National and Western, water mounds and rake after every game.
  • Umpire

  • (1) Includes team commitment of 4 regular season games for each team's umpire (maximum of 12 games for the team)
  • (2) Commitment can be split between THREE (3) umpires (maximum) per team
  • (3) Mandatory training attendance.  For umpires New to PHBA, 1 classroom and 1 Field Day clinic.  For returning umpires, Field Day clinic.  (See training schedule dates on the 'Umpires' webpage)
  • (4) Issuance of a PHBA Umpire hat and shirt(s) (Baseball and/or Softball)
  • (5) If plate gear bags are issued, they must be returned at end of season
  • (6) Free Snack Shack meal for each game umpired
  • (7) Umpire may keep hats at end of year

Find out more about Umpiring

  • Basket Person

  • (1) In charge of putting together a team basket to be turned in on Opening Day.
  • (2) Collect money from Team Coordinator and assemble a basket to be donated to the league for Photo Day and/or banquet.

Other Volunteer Roles

  • Snack Shack

  • (1) Must complete 4 hours of volunteer time in snack shack.
  • (2) It’s up to each person to sign in and have head person sign you out.
  • (3) Must have head snack person sign off volunteer form to get check back.
  • (4) Must make sure if schedule for certain times with head volunteer person.
  • (5) If you don't make your scheduled snack shack time, you will not have your LAFF refunded.
  • Pre-season Field Work

  • (1) Must show up to 4 hours of work on fields to receive check back. Either one whole Saturday or 2 different ½ Day Times.
  • (2) Must come to their kids league field at assigned place. If change field date you must ok it with the head person of field prep.
  • (3) Must work hard or no check.
  • (4) Bring weed eaters, sprayers, hoe, shovel or anything needed on fields.
  • (5) Must bring their volunteer sheet to have it signed off to get check back.
  • (6) Two people can get 4 hours each on 1 field.
  • Opening Day

  • (1) There are many opportunities on Opening day to get your LAFF hours in. Click the SIGN UP Link below for more details.
  • Picture Day
  • (1) There are many opportunities on Picture day to get your LAFF hours in. Click the SIGN UP Link below for more details.
  • Parent Banquet

  • (1) There are many opportunities for the Annual Parent Banquet to get your LAFF hours in. Click the SIGN UP Link below for more details.

PHBA Volunteer Information