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6U (Icemites)

Program starts on Oct 16th 2019

Ice time: 1 hour sessions, 3 times per week

Ages: 6 and Under (Must have completed either Learn to Skate or Learn to Play)

Cost: $500.00

All players must register with USA Hockey for the 2020-2021 season.


The Hyde Park Youth Hockey 6U Program focuses on six points of emphasis:

  1. teamwork
  2. fun
  3. skating
  4. stretching
  5. conditioning
  6. stick skills


The 6U program is on the ice three hours per week with experienced coaching staff who played at the collegiate level.  The 6U program also competes against neighboring 6U programs in a fun and exciting environment for the kids and their parents.   These games are layered in as part of the three hours of ice time per week.