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We desperately need more girls game umpires across Northern California!

The NCJLA is offering to cover the start up costs for new umpires, up to $100 each for the first 100 new recruits.
As you may know, the NCWLUA chose to no longer assign officials for NCJLA games. The NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse Umpire Committee was formed to take over these duties, as well as the training of new and returning umpires. 

To help encourage recruitment of new adult and junior officials, the NCJLA will reimburse clubs for the women’s lacrosse starter kit for each new umpire your club successfully recruits. See starter kit here. This is an $80 value. The NCJLA will also cover up to $20 in training costs. 

Club leadership, please let us know who you recruit by filling out this NCJLA Umpire Recruitment LogOne suggestion is to go to each of your registered teams and to require one or more parents to step up to this very important role. 

Also, it is critically important that you contact any known women’s lacrosse officials in your area, strongly encourage their continued participation, and be sure they register with the NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse Umpire Committee at 2016 Umpire Registration Form.

For more information, click here for an Umpire Recruiting Flyer and click here for the NorCal Chapter's Officials information page.