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MCPB Home Run Derby participants:
Thank you for supporting McLean County PONY Baseball’s HR Derby Fundraiser to support the Jeffrey A. McClelland Scholarship and the MCPB Playground Funds!
Sorry, this is a little long, but I’m trying to provide you with enough information to answer your questions.
Please note the following information for all HR Derby participants:
  • Sportsmanship and positive support for all participants is expected!
  • Check-in by The Patio Concession Pavilion 30 minutes prior to your session start time, then report to your field.
  • Wear your 2021 team uniform (jersey, hat, shorts are ok!).  Adults should wear team jersey/fanwear.
  • Players will compete within their PONY division based on their age as of 8/1/2021 (2 age groups/division):
    • Shetland/6 & under – start at 1:00pm on the Colt Field (with a modified fence)
    • Pinto/7 yr olds – start immediately following 6 & under …approximately 1:25pm on the Colt Field (with a modified fence)
    • Pinto/8 yr olds – start immediately following 7 yr olds…approximately 2:00pm on the Colt Field (with a modified fence)
    • Mustang/9 yr olds – start 1:00pm on Shetland Field
    • Mustang/10 yr olds – start immediately following 9 yr olds...approximately 2:00pm (or earlier, if possible) on Shetland Field
    • Bronco/11 yr olds – start at 1:00pm on Pinto Field
    • Bronco/12 yr olds – start immediately following 11 yr olds…approximately 2:15pm (or earlier, if possible) on Pinto Field
    • Pony/13 yr olds – 1:00pm on Mustang Field
    • Pony/14 yr olds – start immediately following 13 yr olds…approximately 1:20pm on Mustang Field
    • Colt/15-18 yr olds – start at 1:00pm on Bronco Field
    • Coach/Adult 50+ - start immediately following 15-18 yr olds...approximately 1:30pm on Bronco Field
    • Coach/Adult <50 – start at 1:00pm on Pony Field
  • Players will take 10 swings.  Please bring your own pitcher.  If you don't have one, we can recruit one!
  • Bring a case of bottled wather to donate to Boys & Girls Club to get THREE BONUS Swings!!  A tent wil be setup by the Morton Building where the cases of water can be dropped off.  If you dropped off a case of water on 7/12, you can proceed directly to The Patio Concession Pavillion to check-in.
  • Awards will be given to the Champion in each division.  In the event of a tie, there will be a one-swing ‘swing-off’.  Details will be provided to participants in the event of a tie.  Players must be present at the appropriate field at the time of the ‘swing-off’ or they will be disqualified.
  • Participants will be allowed to shag balls in the outfield under the following guidelines:
    • Players MUST pay attention to the hitter at all times!
    • Players MUST allow EVERY batted ball to hit the ground before fielding it.
    • Players should immediately throw balls to a designated location so balls can be collected & returned to the pitcher.
    • The # of players allowed on the field at any time will be limited to ensure player safety.
    • The Field Coordinator reserves the right to remove any player(s) from the field for any reason.
  • The scoreboard on the Mustang, Bronco, Pony & Colt Fields will be used to track each hitter’s progress as follows:
    • Home Score = # of Home Runs
    • Visitor Score = # of Swings Taken
Also, please note that the follow is planned at the Complex on Monday night, too!
  • B-N Community Bank is running a grill with $1 hot dogs.  The full Patio menu will also be available.
  • TEKSystems Dunk Tank - kids (& adults) can be 'targets', so bring towels & dry clothes!!
Thank you for supporting McLean County PONY Baseball!!