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Mike Leiderman

Mike Leiderman is the architect of one of the most successful baseball programs in the country. His Long Island Storm team plays over 80-90 games a season against some of the best talent in the world (minor league, college, international and semi-pro baseball teams). Leiderman and the Storm have won 43 national tournaments and 11 national titles/championships, as well as gaining international recognition with wins over National Teams from Cuba, Spain and Italy. Entering 2010, the Long Island Storm's overall record is 1,387 wins, 315 losses, 37 ties and an impressive .797 winning percentage. There have been over 100 professional baseball players that have been a part of the organization. In 2006, Leiderman's team won the Stan Musial National Championship. The Storm became the first team to capture the national championship in the country's two oldest affiliations, the American Amateur Baseball Congress and the National Amateur Baseball Federation. The Storm won the NABF World Series in Louisville in 1996 and 1999. "They're the New York Yankees of amateur baseball," said Jim Rose, the president of the Long Island Stan Musial Baseball League. In 2009, Leiderman took his squad to the Dominican Republic to play their professional teams in Winter-League competition. His squad took three of four against the competition which featured many current and former major leaguers, but the Storm�€™s greatest moment might have been in 2003. Leiderman and his Storm team traveled to Havana and earned international acclaim by defeating world powerhouse Team Cuba in Havana (first time in 17 years that an international team has beaten Cuba at home). "We've played all over the world," Leiderman said. "The win over Cuba ranks as one of our greatest accomplishments in a lifetime of memories." The Long Island Storm travels to Major League Spring Training Camps every March and competes against the minor league affiliates of the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, St Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers. After reaching the pinnacle of baseball at the semi-professional level, Leiderman now has his sights on building another successful program. In 2007, he and Nick Clark launched the Junior Storm Travel Baseball Program. In just two short years, the Junior Storm has emerged as one of the most respected youth baseball programs in New York and the Northeast. The Junior Storm added its first national title by winning the NABF World Series in 2009 and the future looks bright as the program continues to grow. Leiderman says it best. "The Storm organization is all about the kids and our goal is to make every individual the best player and person he can be." When he isn't managing baseball, Leiderman runs the Atlantic Group in Manhattan, a commercial furniture distributor which he owns and founded. He is regarded as one of the most influential and respected business furniture experts in the country.