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Available Waivers for Arlington Little League

Arlington Little League accepts registrations from the residents of Arlington, VA. In addition, if you reside outside of Arlington County, but attend full-time a school -- public or private -- located in Arlington County, you are eligible to participate in Arlington Little League.  Please email   for more information.

  • Official/Certified School enrollment record 
  • School issued report card or performance record
  • A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator

There are some additional exceptions to ALL's boundaries. Anyone seeking a waiver should contact

Regulation II(d) Waiver -- residency waiver for former players

Description: If a player has lived within ALL's boundaries while registered and playing for at least half a season in ALL, but either moves outside ALL'­s boundaries or is now deemed to live outside ALL's boundaries due to a change in those boundaries, this waiver allows the player to continue participating in ALL. Siblings of players approved under this waiver may also qualify to play in ALL. The player in question must have continued and uninterrupted involvement in ALL after moving (or after the boundary changed) to be eligible. Three (3) valid Proofs of Residency from the last season in which the player resided within ALL's boundaries are required for this waiver request.

Regulation IV(h) Waiver -- residency waiver for children of longstanding ALL volunteers

Description: If a person had previously resided within ALL's boundaries for two years while serving as a volunteer manager, coach, or member of the ALL Board of Directors for two years, his or her children are eligible to play in ALL if (1) he or she continues such volunteer service with ALL, (2) the league within whose boundaries the volunteer currently resides consents to this waiver, and (3) the waiver request is approved by the District Administrator. Three (3) valid Proofs of Residency from the last season in which the player resided within ALL's boundaries are required for this waiver request.

General Waiver -- residency waiver for various reasons, but harder to get approved

Description: Besides the specific waivers described above, families residing outside ALL's boundaries may seek to allow their children to play with ALL by submitting a general waiver request for various reasons. Those seeking this waiver must fill out the above waiver request form and also submit an accompanying letter explaining the reasons for the request. However, these waivers are harder to get approved. When they are accepted, often the approval is only for the regular season, but not for any tournament play.

Regulation V(a) Waiver -- waiver for any 12-year-old who wants to remain in AAA

Description: All players who are league age twelve (12) must be drafted to ALL's Majors division unless the above waiver is submitted and approved allowing that player to remain in AAA. This waiver request must be approved by the District Administrator and ALL's Board of Directors. If approved, the player will (1) not be eligible for play in the Little League International Tournament ("All-Stars"); (2) not be eligible to be promoted to the Majors division for the balance of the current season, and (3) not be eligible to play the position of pitcher for the balance of the current season in AAA.