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2017 CCLL Intermediate House Team



  • Raj Roychoudhury
    • 6 years experience coaching in CCLL, including experience with current 13 year-olds, 6 years of relationships and training experience with local professional baseball trainers
    • Additional youth coaching experience – 6 years soccer and 5 years basketball
    • Positive coaching alliance certified


Our goals are to (1) teach the positive life lessons that best come from sports (positive attitude, desire to be better, work ethic, focus, being self-motivated/drive) that will (2) help them master the baseball skills to compete at a high level. So, regardless of their skill level now, we can help (3) increase their confidence in themselves and (4) increase their love for sports (75-80% of kids drop out of sports entirely by age 15, including those that are in travel ball and more intense leagues).  The final goal (5) is to win (which will happen a lot if we do 1-4 correctly) but by putting that as the final goal, we avoid the negative "win-at-all-costs" influences that limit our kids' definition of success, model bad behavior, hurt teamwork and shake a player's confidence by focusing too much on the outcome vs. the process of working to be their best.



  • There is an extremely high % chance youth baseball can have a positive impact on your child’s well-being that lasts into their adult years
    • Youth athletes report healthier eating habits, higher levels of cardiovascular fitness, increased parental support, and decreased anxiety and depression.
    • Studies show a positive association between participating in school sports and lower rates of tobacco, drug, and alcohol use.
    • Participating in sports is associated with higher levels of self-esteem, motivation, and overall psychological well-being.
  • There is an extremely low % chance your child will be the next Derek Jeter
    • 5,000,000 kids play baseball in the U.S., 400,000 will play high school, 1,500 will be drafted, 500 will make it 2 years in the Minors and 100 will make it to the major leagues.(source: littleleague.org)


Tryouts & Team Selection

  • Tryouts - TBD
  • Team Announcement - December TBD

Pre-season rules, playbook and fundamentals practice begins in January

  • Locations TBD but will include:
    • Blacktop at local elementary, TPC-Pleasanton, HitLab-Dublin, Jason Kiercher Sports-San Ramon (Cost of each optional professional instruction split among attendees)
  • Schedule:
    • 1 day per week in January


On Field Practices Schedule (beginning February 2017)

  • Weekday  TBD (TBD)
  • Weekend 1 TBD (TBD)
  • Weekend 2 TBD (TBD)


Regular Season

  • Begins in March
  • Games on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Season starts at 50/70 and transitions to 54/80 in late April/early May
  • Sunday on-field practice schedule + optional professional instruction continues


Team Building

  • Optional local team social get-togethers multiple times per month
  • 1-3 optional team outings to professional, college or high school games


Post Season

  • Post-season league tournament TBD
  • Opportunity to try-out for District All-Star team and potential participation in Little League Intermediate World Series (if District team wins District 57 tournament)



Click here to register

(Registrations after October 31 are an additional $75.  Registrations will continue until teams are selected in December. Registrations after Nov. 30 are an additional $50)