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The Gwinnett Lacrosse League (GLL) was founded in 2008 on the belief that 
lacrosse in Gwinnett was poised to grow very rapidly and with the appropriate 
guidance girls and boys of Gwinnett could grow up to play lacrosse honoring the 
history of the game. The league is organized in such a way that decentralizes the 
decision making processes pushing financial control and governance to the local 
youth associations. The GLL has created its own referee training programs, youth 
responsibility programs, coach’s clinics and player development. 
The GLL Executive Board oversees the administration of the league and acts as 
an interpreter and disseminator of rules, guidelines and policy. The Executive 
Board is comprised of volunteers that have a passion and understanding of the 
game and a vision of competition and sportsmanship for the game in Gwinnett 
County. Decisions such as fees charged and association leadership are the 
individual responsibility of the youth lacrosse associations at a local and 
community level. 
The Gwinnett Lacrosse League Executive Board:


Kenny Zaleski -GLL Director

Andrea Braun -Director of Girls Lacrosse

Vacant -Director of Boys Lacrosse

Mark Gibbs -Treasurer

Vacant -Secretary

Mary Shannon McCoy -GLL Certification Director

Kurt Feldhaus -GLL Outreach/Social Media

The GLL adheres to USA Lacrosse Youth Rules and Guidelines striving to promote 
skill development and sportsmanship above all aspects of the game. Where 
appropriate we will always act on the side of safety creating a fast, fun and 
exciting to watch brand of lacrosse at all ages. 
We hope you have the chance to attend one of our fun filled weekends where 
2000 of our Gwinnett girls and boys from ages 7-14 enjoy preparing to play for 
their local high schools. 
Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. If you wish to contact 
us please contact us at
Thank you!