Little League Baseball program located in Danvers MA.

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11 Year Old
Jimmy Fund Tournament

Hosted by: Danvers National Little League
Dates: Monday, July 11th through Thursday, July 23th 2021
Location: Tapley Park Danvers

Tournament Rules

NOTE: Any 11 year old that played on a programs 12 year old Williamsport team is not eligible to play in the 11 year old Jimmy Fund Tournament.

  1. Teams will be responsible for bringing game balls to each game (DLL-1 or equivalent)
  2. Home team status will be determined by a coin toss before each game. The winner of the coin toss will have choice of home or away status, and the loser of the toss will have choice of dugout.
  3. The tournament will follow the Major League Rules as outlined in the 2021 Little League Playing Rules, unless defined differently within this document.
  4. Dropped 3rd Strike: The batter becomes a runner when the third strike called by the umpire is not caught, providing (1) first base is unoccupied or (2) first base is occupied with two outs.
  5. 11 year old players can pitch a maximum of 85 pitches in a game. (May finish batter) Below are the guidelines regarding the number of pitches and associated rest requirements:
    • 1-20 pitches in a day - No calendar day of rest
    • 21-35 pitches in a day - 1 calendar day of rest
    • 36-50 pitches in a day - 2 calendar days of rest
    • 51-65 pitches in a day - 3 calendar days of rest
    • 66 or more pitches in a day - 4 calendar days of rest
  6. Any pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game CANNOT play the position of catcher on that calendar day. Any player who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. NEW 2021 - If a player catches for 3 innings or less, then goes to pitcher and pitches 21 or more pitches, they cannot return as catcher (same threshold rules apply if they go over 21 file facing last batter). Each team should nominate a pitch counter. The pitch counters shall confer every half inning and immediately resolve any discrepancies.
  7. All catchers must have the throat protector attached.
  8. Substitution rules apply as follows:
    A player in the starting lineup who has been removed for a substitute may reenter the game, in the same position in the batting order provided:
    1. His/her substitute has completed one time at bat and played defensively for a minimum of six (6) consecutive outs
    2. Pitchers once removed from the mound may not return as pitchers, per Little League rules.
    3. In an effort to provide more playing time for substitutes, any player may reenter the game after the minimum play requirement has been met. (Example: Player A - 1st 2 innings, Player B - next 2 innings, Player A - 5th inning, Player B - 6th inning)
    4. Substitutes and starters are 'married' in the batting order.
  9. The managers may exercise the option of using the EH (Extra Hitter) this player will bat, but will not play in the field for one game. Any player may fill this position, but no player may fill the position more then once during the tournament. In the event of a team only having 10 players and an injury occurring, the EH may take his place in the field. (May not be substituted for)
  10. Slash bunting will not be allowed. Any batter who attempts in any way to slash bunt will be out. Any runners who advance on the play will be returned to the base they occupied prior to the slash bunt attempt.
  11. The special pinch runner rule is in effect. Any player not in the lineup can pinch run for any player, but only once per inning. The same player cannot be run for more than once per game. A special pinch runner can only be used two times in a game.
  12. Not more then One (1) Manager and Three (3) Coaches shall occupy the bench or the dugout. The book must be kept in the dugout, please help us enforce the number of coaches allowed.
  13. Base coaches will be Two (2) Adult Manager/Coach and/or Players in uniform/helmet.
  14. There will be no "on deck" batter area. Players shall not swing bats until they are in the batter's box, where they will be allowed to take practice swings. Donuts and/or batting sleeves of any kind will not be permitted.
  15. Only one (1) offensive timeout per inning.
  16. The mercy rule will be in effect. If after four (4) innings, three and one half innings if the home team is ahead, one time has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent. NOTE: If the visiting team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the home team must bat in its half of the inning. (This is the only mercy rule. The "15 run" rule is not in effect for this tournament)
  17. Tie games halted due to weather, curfew, or light failure shall be resumed from the exact point they were halted in the original game. (In the event that this happens in the 1st inning, the game will be restarted)
  18. All night games played on Moulton Field do have a time limit/curfew as follows:
    • 5:30pm Start: No inning will start after 7:30pm and the game will stop PROMPTLY at 7:45 pm.
    • 7:30pm Start: No inning will start after 9:30pm and the game will stop PROMPTLY at 9:45 pm.

    The DNLL or DALL officials will make the final call in regards to waiving of curfew if such a situation arises and said decision will be final.
    In the event the curfew is imposed, Little League rules will apply.
    The score of the game will revert back to the last complete inning, unless the Home Team has taken the lead in the final incomplete inning played, and then the game ends with the Home Team the winner.
  19. In the event of game cancellation, due to weather conditions, the Tournament Director will place the cancellation information on the website. In the event the game has not been canceled, teams should proceed to the appropriate fields. Every attempt will be made to determine playing conditions as soon as possible. In the event of cancellation, the tournament schedule will be adjusted to accommodate make up games. All scheduling changes will be listed on the website.
  20. Zero Tolerance Rule - Inappropriate behavior by managers, coaches, players or fans will not be tolerated. After one (1) warning the violating party will be asked to leave the playing field and/or immediate ball field area by either the umpire in charge or a league official. Failure to do so will result in forfeit for their team.
  21. All info pertaining to the tournament will be posted on the tournament website: - Click Jimmy Fund link on the left.
  22. Coaches will be required to submit scores thru the web based form after game completion.

We look forward to an exciting and fun 2021 Tournament.

Any questions please contact

Joe DeBernardo 978-836-8250
Dave Gotts 617-680-8850