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The mission of Friends of L-S Hockey is to enhance the experience of all men's hockey players participating on both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.

All fundraising goes to worthy causes in support of that mission.  All players - JV and Varsity - benefit from these activities.  A portion of our fundraising also benefits worthwhile causes external to the hockey program (Cam Neely House and the L-S Scholarship Fund are examples of past donations made by Friends of L-S Hockey).
In addition to general fundraising, there may be cases where parents are approached to help defray certain costs that exceed the ability of Friends of L-S Hockey to raise funds.  Past examples include extra ice to enrich the JV program and extra ice or other costs incidental to supporting the Varsity program , or contributions towards a portion of the cost of captains ice.
Because Friends of L-S Hockey are extremely sensitive to the fact that families can face financial challenges, no donation is ever required from any player or family. Friends of L-S Hockey is also very careful not to engage in activities that place an undue burden in terms of time and effort on any player or family.
The Friends of L-S Hockey are grateful for the support of our families, the  Lincoln-Sudbury community, and past alumni and friends of L-S Hockey.
Friends of L-S Hockey