Alpine / West Menlo Little League has served the families of Menlo Park, Woodside, and Portola Valley for more than a half-century. Our mission is to be an outstanding community organization that creates a culture where kids of all abilities love playing

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     A T-Ball player should be taught and understand the following


  • ?  The player must understand not to throw a ball at another player unless the receiving

    player is aware and ready to receive the ball.

  • ?  The player must understand not to swing a bat near other players.

  • ?  The player must not pick up a bat unless it is handed to him/her by a coach.

  • ?  The player must not throw his/her bat after hitting the ball.

  • ?  Teamwork, sportsmanship & respect for the game

  • ?  The player will strive to support other players and show respect for all participants.


  • ?  The player will strive to keep his/her back bent forward (not butt down) , head up, hands

    forward and in the “alligator” position when fielding a ground ball.

  • ?  The player will strive to employ the 'baseball ready' position on every pitch.

    Catching a tossed ball

  • ?  The player will strive to catch balls above their waist with their fingers up and thumbs

    tips touching. Balls below their waist should be caught with their fingers down and their pinky finger tips touching.


  • ?  The player will understand how to properly grip the bat with knocking knuckles generally

    lined up.

  • ?  The player will understand a basic hitting stance.

  • ?  The player will strive to turn his/her hips and pivot on their back foot during the swing.


  • ?  The player will understand the proper two or three finger grip.

  • ?  The player will understand the proper beginning body position.

  • ?  The player will look at the target and step toward the target when throwing.

  • ?  The player will be encouraged to remove the ball from his/her glove with his/her thumb


  • ?  The player will strive to follow through as part of each throw.

     Base Running

  • ?  The player will be able to name all the bases.

  • ?  The player will understand which base to advance to & when.

  • ?  The player will strive to understand how and when to run through first base.

  • ?  The player will strive to listen to base coaches for instruction.

    General Concepts

  • ?  A T-Ball player will strive to be able to name all the positions on the field.

  • ?  A T-Ball player must have FUN!