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Coastal Cup Division Memorandum of Agreement  Spring 2016 DRAFT - Pending final/formal incorporation into CYSL Game Rules

As of Feb 25, 2016

The Coastal League has established a non-MTOC eligible division.  This division is for those associations who wish to have some of their teams play in a less competitive and equally balanced environment.  The division is called The Coastal Cup Division.  An association that has more than one team to place in this division, then all the teams must be balanced, e.g. equally selected.    This division is not designed for club players and any participation by club players should be limited and must be explained.   Associations must inform the Competition Committee about any club players when requesting placement in the Coastal Cup Division.  Upon recommendation by the Coastal Cup Subcommittee, (discussed further below) the Competition Committee (CC) has the flexibility to move teams from one section to another within the division.  This movement will be based upon competition results suggesting a change is needed to ensure fair and balanced competition.   Such movement will normally only take place within the first half of the season, e.g. based upon results of the first four games.  

A Subcommittee of the Competition Committee (titled Coastal Cup Subcommittee) will be established.  This subcommittee is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring of the Coastal Cup Division.  That subcommittee is also responsible for making recommendations to the CC about any movement of teams within the division.  It will also be responsible for recommending the end of season play format for approval.  The subcommittee will be effective for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 seasons.  After that, a reassessment will be made for the need for continuation.  Associations will be asked for nominations to be a member of the subcommittee.  The chair will be responsible for selection of members.

There will be a season ending round of play.  Up to 50% of the teams in a section may qualify for this round of play.  This will be determined by an analysis of the number of teams in the Division made by the subcommittee.  The subcommittee (through the CC) has the authority to restrict participation into the Coastal Cup season ending games if it determines that a team’s composition was not established in a “balanced” manner.    

Unless specifically applicable to Division One or Two, the CYSL By-Laws and Game rules will be applicable to Coastal Cup division competition with the following exceptions:  
1.) Memorial Day Weekend.  All teams in the Coastal Division are able to reschedule games for this weekend.  Such reschedule must be mutually agreed to by each team and must be played before June 1st.  
2.) In the event that a team is moved from one section to another because of an imbalance in competitiveness, all games scores will still count.  
3.) Only rosters are required and they must have the signature of the Coastal League Registrar.  Pass cards are not required.  Player “borrows” are not allowed in the spring season.   
4.) Roster sizes for the Coastal Cup Division are 21 maximum for U12 teams and 25 maximum for U14 teams.  If an association has additional players to place, they should inform the CC.  The CC will either approve a roster extension or place the player in another association's program.

Already included in our Game Rules but pertaining to the operation of the Coastal Cup Division:
There will be a First Division and/or Second Division in the U12 through U19 age groups, and a third non-MTOC eligible division for U12 and U14 age groups called the Coastal Cup Division.  U10 age groups teams are considered Division 3 teams.

g.  With approval by the Competition Committee, an association may designate up to two teams in the same age group in the Coastal Cup Division as teams with “Dual Rostered players”.  These teams would be referred to as “Dual Rostered Teams”.  
i.  Each dual rostered team must be equally balanced with regards to talent.  The number of teams that can be designated as dual rostered will be limited to two teams per age group.  Both teams can designate on their roster up to five “open slots” which can be filled by any player rostered on the other dual rostered designated team.  Both rosters must be submitted to the referee at team check-in on the pitch at game time.  
ii.  An additional requirement for an Association requesting approval to designate dual rostered teams is that any MTOC eligible teams in the same gender age group must be at maximum roster size.  The Competition Committee can approve waivers for exceptional circumstances.
iii.  If any Coastal Cup Division teams in an age group are approved for dual rostering for an Association, all of that Association’s team in that Coastal Cup Division age group, whether dual roster designated or not, shall be ineligible for spring end of season play.  For example:  If an Association has four teams in the U14 Girls Coastal Cup Division, and the use of dual rostering is approved by the Competition Committee for two of the teams, then none of the four teams can participate in spring end of season games.
iv.  Coaches and/or Associations using the dual rostering process inconsistent with these guidelines, as determined by the Standards Committee, are subject to the following penalties:
1)    Coaches are banned for one year and would need to apply for re-instatement.
2)    Associations would be fined $250.
v.  The fact that a particular team is a Dual Rostered Team cannot be used by an association as a reason to require other association(s) to reschedule any game time(s).  Associations are free to inquire about the possibility of just such an accommodation, but that inquiry and that particular circumstance will in no way obligate a hosting association to effect a game time change to accommodate the fact that a particular team is a Dual Rostered Team.